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  1. thailand visa

    hey all happy new yeari am wondering about something with the thai visa. I am coming back to thailand in june for 3 months rent an apartment naa...but how do i get one visa to last the whole time so i dont have to do visa run....i mean im coming on business as im setting up importing company in new zealand so will be buying my stuff in thailand but if i come for 3 months i wont be allowed back in right cos its 90 days in 6 mths right...can anyone help me...i want6 to be able to come back to buy more stuff....thanks
  2. so what do i do about that!!!!!! i ahve been asked to put my pic up for voting but till i have no votes on it although it says its active...how does this work i seem to have some votes on my profile but not my pic.....how do people rate u
  3. so anyone that gave me a vote please send me a message so i know who u r..mabe we can be friends
  4. business

    so can anyone tell me what its like to be a ferang in business in thailand..im looking at buying a bar in bkk in a few years and im starting to do some research now...what is the criteria as such...are there any social issues i should be aware of and do i need protection....serious posts would be appreciated although some humorous would be ok hehehehe
  5. voting

    did u just vote for me and if u did why dont u contact me via a message
  6. some one kissed me and sent it to me but it wont let me see it so can u reveal urself to me in a message