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  1. Thanks for the compliment :) i need that sometime

  2. Great smile...you could stop traffic it's dazzling!

  3. thought nobody i know still on here anymore :P

  4. wassssup darlingggg :P sometime i miss partying with ya

  5. Thanks for your nice comment on our pic, Anna! All the best for you, too and take care!

  6. Still around here? :P hit me back sometime na hahaha

  7. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  8. WOW amazing xmas family Happy holidays
  9. Happy Birthday x
  10. ÊѹËÒ
  11. Vanity

    Halloween Party

    Hey ill be in London for halloween Fri night ill be at KOKO but Sat still no plan, might as my friends if they like to check you out
  12. Vanity

    charity by Jan :D

    Beautiful girl with her beautiful's heart
  13. Vanity

    you gonna love him:D

    Very cute mak mak
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