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  1. Thanks for the compliment :) i need that sometime

  2. thought nobody i know still on here anymore :P

  3. wassssup darlingggg :P sometime i miss partying with ya

  4. Still around here? :P hit me back sometime na hahaha

  5. WOW amazing xmas family Happy holidays
  6. Happy Birthday x
  7. ÊѹËÒ
  8. What a tricky question!
  9. Am i invited to ur wedding?
  10. Vanity

    Halloween Party

    Hey ill be in London for halloween Fri night ill be at KOKO but Sat still no plan, might as my friends if they like to check you out
  11. Vanity

    charity by Jan :D

    Beautiful girl with her beautiful's heart
  12. Vanity

    you gonna love him:D

    Very cute mak mak
  13. Vanity

    Little Feet 12

    sooooo cuteeeeeeeee... narak jing jing
  14. @ CiaranM -- thumb up
  15. Vanity

    Cherry Blossoms!

    Very beautiful
  16. cute mak mak make me wanna have dogs
  17. Vanity

    Malalai & Sierra*UPDATE*

    Cute puppies you got
  18. Vanity

    I and the gang

    Lovely photos, lovely friends and lovely make ups
  19. Vanity

    <b>Viva Barcelona

    Very nice photos make me wanna visit
  20. *** Congratulation and Best wishes ***
  21. @ Teddy -- If u dun like seeing snow, i guess u dun watch Winter Olympic!!!
  22. Wonderful photos Sai nice trip but looked damnnnn cold! but yeah that makes it more beautiful i guess Wish i can visit one day << but heard it's quite expensive:P >>
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