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  1. I'm confused!!! so newwwwwwwww to TF!!!
  2. How do you know TF?? Well, I cant remember it's longggggg long time LOL P.S. Say hi to OG. Have a good day, everyone
  3. thank you for your idea... interesting!!! as i said in another reply... the problem would be me. i will try to set up my mind... think different... act different i will try and will let you know
  4. My friends said iTunes sucks too... but other group of mine said it is good... anyway, the problem would be MEEE!! i will try that suite when i am home... now i am in Japan... YIPPY!!! thAAAnk you
  5. I did that. It ran automatically... it's fine...!!! The problem is... i did select .mp3 into a specific itune folder... only hundreds songs i want... but it automatically sync thousands .mp3 in another music folder... well i dont want it AAAll!!! so... too lazy to figure that out... just do on-the-go list this time :mad:
  6. syncing itune to my i-touch... very low-tech girl never familiar with itune!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  7. oh! this thread never died!!!
  8. Hi!

  9. Hi!

    Yep... Triple A boss(zilla) however, not that position yet... but, well, i now have my own trainee in control Thailand again??? i guess you travel all over Thailand more than i do!!! (BTW, do you visit the same spot or new place each time?) LOL... Pls let me laugh out loud before answering.... never ever throw or let anything (heavy!) fly again... believe me i would do that for (rare) one...who deserves it ONLY! well... well... well... kinda highlight tho'...think Triple A, think throwing chair....555555555
  10. Hi!

    Thank you!!!!
  11. Hi!

    i like the compliment
  12. Hi!

    กล้วยบวชชี or Kluay Baut Chi or Banana cooked in Coconut Milk my first time... happy
  13. Hi!

  14. Hi!

    agree!! blame Rob and Bill!!!! thanks... really hope you enjoy food like i always do direction to my door... no no no... i prefer it as this... drooling ...5555555