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    media both side

    Seemed pretty reasonable to me, there was an introductory segment showing what's going on with some brief soundbites from the protestors, then a longer chat with one representative from each side. The interview was pretty softball for both sides, but then again it was for an audience not familiar with thai politics. I also can't think of a developed country where the courts have played such an active and partisan role in deciding the government. The idea that Thai people don't know what democracy is, or aren't ready for it, is just elitist poppycock. India which is vastly larger, and poorer th
  2. The red shirts understand very well what democracy means: it means government by the elected representatives of the people, not just those representatives whom the army, or anyone else, find acceptable. They also understand that poor people don't get anything they don't fight for. I for one am very proud of their perseverance, fortitude and good humor in difficult circumstances. In developed counties, everyone's vote counts. That includes the farmers, garbage collectors, cleaners, taxi drivers etc. If Thailand is to progress, the elite need to accept this, and the army need to get out of polit
  3. I send the guy a pm. Could do with the exercise
  4. Neutron


    89.4% of all statistics are made up
  5. Ban Kra jao is a pleasant underdeveloped area not to bar from the city center. It's the area enclosed by the big river bend where it almost loops back on itself. You can also cycle round the ancient city in Samut Pragan, a trip I keep meaning to make
  6. I read about a scam baiter once who make the scammer get a huge tatoo. I'm sure if her feelings for you are sincere, she'd be happy to get one too.
  7. If everyone is beautiful, then the word has no meaning.
  8. Well I suppose for most of us, this will make the city a pleasanter place, but it's hard not to feel sorry for these people, and wonder what will become of them. I doubt either their gang bosses, or the Cambodian government will do anything for their welfare. I was in Seam Reap at the weekend, and compared to the tourist areas of Bangkok, there were relatively few beggars. I guess that might be about to change.
  9. So what's the good going to be like on Virgin Galactic. Hope they clear it all away before zero G kicks in
  10. Neutron

    Mr.Bean & Zapatero

    Fear not. it's just Johnny English in disguise.
  11. May be all I need, but still can't find any
  12. Nice pictures. Very jealous, want to go skiing again
  13. Neutron

    Hey Hey!

    I wish for world peace, and to be a little thinner.
  14. Neutron

    Oh... Avatar !

    Just saw it tonight. Effects were impressive, but the story was way too black and white for my liking. I'd give it 4 out of 5
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