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  1. hello dear...how are you?

    What is new with your life.

    I will be visiting Thay in 2 weeks...I hope we can meet...

  2. how are sweet lemoncake? I missed you...

  3. Hi baby you looks cute, I am 35 living in Japan wish to make friend to have fun and good time while I in BKK I come thee very often

  4. I understand why you are so popular.

    You are probably the most wonderful woman I have ever seen.


  5. Hello,

    I am writing on your wall beacuse it looks like you have to many messages in your mailbox.. too much success?? :D

    Well, I'm coming for 6 months to live in Bangkok and I would like to find a flat close to sathorn road not to expensive but also confortable to live there for 6 months!!! :D

    Do you know some good websites or information about that??

    I ask this to you because i found you were cute on your profile :P

    What's your real name lemoncake though? :D



  6. Hello,

    how are you?

    I lived and worked 2 years in Florida. Last year I moved back to Germany.

    Maybe we can chat sometime. If you do not mind chatting then add me on msn (slowdive10(at)hot_mail.com) or yeahoow (slowdive007).

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Take care and Happy New Year!


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