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  1. Hey buddy...how've you been?!

  2. a wee covert visit Jens? Thought you had disappeared?

  3. http://www.bangkokbiking.com/en-index.phtml I know they have only a 2 day trip in their program but I have met Andre Breuer, the guy who runs it, and he may have some suggestions. Being Dutch you'd expect him to know everything there is to know about biking around here. ;-) Drop me a message if you want his email address.
  4. This will be my last one for a bit. P'Nicky is so kind as to take over for a while until things settle down. Maybe it needs a female touch to get some more interest again... :wink:
  5. The topic for this months photo competition as chosen by last months winner si6 is: "Motion" Please send your entries by 23/04/2010 to [email protected] hotmail.co.uk (remember to remove the space between @ and hotmail if copy and pasting). Please be sure to read the rules before entering the competition. The rules for the competition can be found here. Make sure you include all the information required in your email. You can send a photo you have already or go out and shoot something specific for this topic...it's up to you. Please, just don't use any photos you have previously posted here bec
  6. I give you the winner of March's TF Photo Competition on the topic of "Together" is: "Mother & Child" by si6. Many Congratulations! The topic for April's Photo Competition as chosen by si6 is: "Motion". 8) A seperate topic regarding April's competition will be posted shortly. The shutternuts behind March's entries were: "Mother & Child" - si6 "Side by side" - Missjaidee "Family affair" - Boog "United we burn" - Hobbes "let’s call…" - Frans65 Many Thanks to all those that participated in the competition as well as to those that voted for their favourite picture. I made the album
  7. I didn't know rubber gloves are part of a burka... :?
  8. Hobbes

    Obama 555!!!

    politics could do with a few more people with a sense of humour. )
  9. wher and when Baby ?? where and when ?? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I thought you looked vaguely familiar last night. :twisted:
  10. Result! But then I do have the advantage to speak German... Technically I think they give you 70 points just for being German. :-) ...and so they should if they don't fancy being invaded...rectally or otherwise.
  11. Result! But then I do have the advantage to speak German...
  12. A couple more reforms and vbroker is going to get fits. ;-)
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