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  1. So you have been warned ;-) I really enjoyed to see some TFers (and a nice non-TFer too). What's disturbing is that in fact none of those present ever saw Iain in real life. Why this? Is he Dave's socket puppet or even TF's own little Emmanuel Goldstein? Anyway, hope he feels better today!
  2. @Danno: thanks for that throw-in and sorry for ignoring your sarcasm ;-) ... coz that's exactly what the multinational banks did, like getting everything under their control. Actually, if those bankers could manage to get their hands just for a second off of their useless dicks, they might realize that this is hardly supposed to save the world ;-) There was a time when muslims raised the first universities in Europe and brought forward our knowledge tremendously as well as first time a kind of freedom of religions had been seen in Europe. Remember that? It's some hundreds years ago. That kind
  3. Mr. Erdogan, PM of Turkey, said "Democracy is a train where you can get off once you reach the destination" and "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers" ... Not sure if I really wanna be in the same club with someone like him ;-)
  4. Seems they found the 'god particle', 'The Force', the Higgs Boson.
  5. FarangFarang, are you sure that it's still illegal? In 2006 along with the massive censoring after the coup d'etat VPN, cryptography etc were an issue. I don't really know, just assume that Thailand in terms of privacy went back to normal inbetween. This having said, the following hint is meant only for legal purpose! Some routers (like the Fritz!Box 7270) can easily build up a private and free VPN e.g. between a computer in Laos or Cambodia and a friend's router in UK. Of course your mate in UK needs to have an internet flatrate and suitable fast upload speed. Then you need a dynamic DNS ser
  6. Hope you know a nice place to hideaway where you can be alone and chill out from time to time. Even the most wonderful "Kraeng chai" needs peace and silence sometimes ;-) Chok dii!!!
  7. Chang Doe


    Korea Karaoke vs. Cicero, Verdi, Pasolini Korea wins! :evil: Quote Cicero: Not to know what happened before you were born is to be a child forever. (Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum.)
  8. Chang Doe


    What? Did they really speak only Italian? The Italians? In Italy? How can they dare! That's so mean and unpredictable! The real world is just too crazy! Couldn't you switch on any subtitles?
  9. Chang Doe


    What did u expect and what went wrong? Florence to me will always be the most beautiful city on this planet. I lived there for a couple of months and would love to do it again (if it were in Thailand ;-)
  10. Must be pretty hard for the embassador. Every Tom, **** and Harry is having sex and drinks like hell ...but not him [ATTACH=CONFIG]117204[/ATTACH]
  11. If the manners towards newbies were more friendly than here in the forums I'd like to join ;-)
  12. Due to high air humidity shaving with a razor blade is so easy in Thailand. In Germany it's kinda ceremony with foaming, waiting till hairs are softened (meanwhile brush teeth), then maybe foam again, then shave. In TH you can just put some soap and then quickly rasp the stuff away with your old bowie knife. More or less...
  13. The issue Thai language course has been adressed just some days ago in my blog http://www.thailandfriends.com/entry.php/41798-Anyone-can-recommend-a-nice-Thai-language-school-in-Bangkok At first sight EB's hint www.aaathai.com looks best to me. Will go there and check the school in person before signing a contract and paying money. Had some courses before with other languages and found that the atmosphere - at least for me - is crucial.
  14. Chang Doe

    Time for Action

    Yep, since the global elite class has already squeezed from their subjects to the limit, a nice little war seems the logical next step now. Or would those angry street fighters attack the investors and bank stockholders that stole their money or approach the muppets in the government or anyone who's responsible for the decline of common wealth? Not exactly. All quiet on the western front. Wonder where will be our european Guantanamo. The Isle of Man maybe? Btw. found M. Moore's brief summary on the development in the USA really refreshing - unpretentious & in a nutshell http://www.michaelm
  15. Beautiful ...and true :-)
  16. not the savest place for SaengSom lovers ... stagger stagger oooppss :-D
  17. Don't know about Vietnam but Singapore, The Phils and Malaysia provide very good (or at least extensive) english education for their pupils. That might be one point.
  18. Chang Doe

    Is TF a safe place ?

    hey, I didn't really stalk. Just liked your bikini pics ;-)
  19. ... already said. And now I go on with that wonderful night here in Bangkok and let it up to who it may concern to either understand or go on with some dirty compensation satisfaction :-P
  20. It's a shame what's going on here! It's not about positions, it's about chasing, insulting and humiliating someone just to spice up TF. Disgusting!
  21. jep. As to me an absolute no-go I can only speak for myself but I can have a guess why only a few Thai user take part in forums and partly don't want or dare to complain. Btw. that issue is not new here. And it's not long ago that I got attacked by the usual bunch of nasty boys when I tried to help a newbie. In private messages I got a lot of encouragement but no one dared to talk in public. Think it's shameless hate speech like the one from EB towards you that scares many user away from telling their opinion or getting involved in any way. Strangely enough some dinosours are allowed by th
  22. Being far away from supporting any ego driven newbie bashers here I just wanna suggest you'd ask some close Thai friends what they truly think about your latest jokes about Thai ghosts and home altars. You might be surprised. What comes next? Jokes about the king?
  23. Disagree. When you followed these rules, there will nothing remain than a boring muppet. And then she's gonna leave you :-P
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