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  1. Wow! Just signed back in to TF after a long time. Was just browsing and noticed that I first joined TF in December 2007. Almost ten years! All the old faces are long gone, and is a lot quieter now Time flies, things change. probably all on Facebook. Do any old timers still pop in here now and then? Apart from Admin of course.
  2. This is a follow up to a previous story where the five hell's Angels are reported to have beaten up some Thais. And this one seems weird:
  3. This is a follow up to a previous story where the five hell's Angels are reported to have beaten up some Thais.
  4. Surprised you don't have another balcony fall yet.
  5. And another one... The government really need someone to put a cap on all these hubs. They could sell it as a new initiative called the "Hub cap"
  6. When they ask where you hang out or eat, just put 7-11, McDonald's, Swensens Big C etc., or any other common place.
  7. Nothing is going to change any time soon. Too many other priorities for the government. What is also worth adding in are the road death and accident figures for the "western" new year's holiday, which is also a public holiday in Thailand, and which were I think 380 dead for 2015-16.
  8. Confiscation of bikes or cars, bigger fines,, driving bans, jail time, and increased insurance premiums are what we have in the UK. I doubt any would work in Thailand with the way the police force works. Plus I think the Buddhist idea of reincarnation means they don't have such a fear of death as in western culture, so drive like lunatics.
  9. Hubba Hubba!
  10. Yes, every year those numbers never fail to shock me. Unbelievable the government doesn't do anything to drastically reduce them.
  11. Everyone moved on. I have only looked in a few times in the last two or three years myself. In fact this is my first post here in three maybe four or more years. If you are interested, there is a TF ThailandFriends Facebook group that Bill, the Admin set up. Unfortunately I don't do Facebook so can't give you any further information. Or you might try contacting him through this site.
  12. Maybe try, or MBK, or one of those gadget shops in Siam Paragon or Central World.
  13. not a native of Ireland methinks.
  14. Chieb Wattanajit, an 86-year-old father of seven, has been accused of detaining his 39-year-old daughter on a manmade island, isolated from the world by a thorny fence and a three-meter-wide waterway. Chieb originally detained his daughter, Anong Wattanajit, on the island after his meager means prevented him from providing her with proper medical care for a mental illness. At present, Anong lives in a small house in the middle of a coconut jungle and survives on meals that Chieb throws to her across a canal. Chieb told Thairath that Anong became mentally ill at the age of 17. Anong got married and moved to Songkhla but her marriage ended five months later. After the split, she moved back to stay with Chieb and her symptoms gradually began to show. Chieb admitted that he did not treat his daughter properly but insisted that he could not afford better options. The village’s head once filed a report about Anong’s circumstances with the authorities but did not receive any response.