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  1. Avoid a place called Brioni! They near enough robbed me! I had a business trip and they said they could get me a suit fixed up that day and I paid quite a lot to have the better fabric and style etc. They delivered the morning I was due to leave and no fitting and when I got it back to London it was awful! It looked more like a clown suit, short jacket, really long not cut trousers, cheap fabric used, different style etc. I could go on about the faults. A great way to waste 20k baht. So, if you have moeny to waste and need a clown suit I advise a visit to Brioni. It's somewhere on Sukham
  2. There is a difference between those born and raised in the UK and those that emigrate to the UK. But on the whole I have found Indians that I have come into contact with in the UK very hospitable and friendly. Indians not doing business with Indians is bollox. I do agree with regards to the issue of integrating with the wider community issue as I think that is somethign that should be worked on. I work with about 40 different nationalities in my office and I love it.
  3. Anyone mention '21 seconds' by So Solid Crew or 'Enter the dragon' by Pied Pipers? :roll: :wink: :oops:
  4. I'd disagree with that to some extent as I believe that you will find Indians that have been raised or have experience of Western culture (Uk, USA etc) to be very accommodating, friendly, hospitable and humble people. Obviously not all are like that but a large portion of the people that I have encountered are like that. On a side note, I am not up my own ass as the last point I made on the initial post may indicate, simply just trying to illustrate a point. Anyway all of that is purely subjective. I better shut up now - Taxi for me, actually make it a tuk tuk!
  5. I'm not sure if I interpreted correctly (sorry, if I did) but I got the sense that Indians were not particularly liked by Thais especially against other races. I am a quarter Indian myself (grandparent) but from the UK and didn't realise until someone told me. Is this true and if so what is the reason and why? Before any stereotypes come out - I along with many other Indians that I know in the UK are the opposite - fairly wealthy, smell nice, intelligent, quite good looking
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