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  1. This is by far the funniest commercial I've ever seen in Thailand, this guy is perfect trying to do anything by himself after the bank refused to help him out. So he starts tripping and finally loses it. Someone give the producers and the guy in it a medal or a purple heart or something
  2. This is by far the funniest commercial I've ever seen in Thailand, this guy is perfect trying to do anything by himself after the bank refused to help him out. So he starts tripping and finally loses it. Someone give the producers and the guy in it a medal or a purple heart or something
  3. I knew it!!! breakfast at Tiffany's Just watched it the other night. Here I am, goin' to Florida, my leg hurts, my butt hurts, my chest hurts, my face hurts, and like that ain't enough, I gotta pee all over myself. Midnight Cowboy "Is there anything you can do, Doctor, seeing as how you've lost over 200 million patients? " poo chaai Omega ok, here's one you gotta know, it's not as easy to hunt down... "You were good kid, real good. But as long as I'm around there's always someone better see?"
  4. Sounds like he most have grown weary of her then
  5. On second thought.I think they should not be banned, but force the males to wear those ninja masks, if they refuse their hand will be chopped off, second time their **** and strike three is the head. Oh yeah and bitchslap them for no reason whenever you have one in your sight.
  6. LOL that is maybe the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. Ok, since you admitted to something in another topic, here's one for you Ain'D not as horrible as the one you posted but horrible all the same
  7. What is this Gabba? could you give a link to listen or see it or something? OH nevermind, I already found out what it is, you mean GABBER house.
  8. There is one simple answer to all this wondering to WHAT or WHO are we? It isn't about who or what you are. It's what you do! IT IS WHAT YOU DO!!! That defines you. ...and where you're from obviously to let you know where you belong. If you wai when you say hello, if you look asian, if you speak Thai, if you consider the Thai anthem to be "your" anthem, if you're proud if other Thai are succesful in sports, if you like tom yum gung and som tam mak mak, if you go to a buddhist temple rahter than a church, if you put the Thai king first ahead of all other kings, if you like to sit on the floor w
  9. Swedish gov tries so hard with the IPRED law. It's really disturbing.. And Mininova sucks.. only legal torrents now.. yeah right.. Thank Buddha that others are still around.. :wink: There will always be ways around anything when it comes to the net, as long as computers are able to connect to each other you have nothing to fear
  10. A set up always works nice, you let someone or a group rob the person that hates you and then you show up with the courage of a lion and scare them off and ask in a way as if you care "are you alright? Sorry i couldn't get here sooner. Et voila
  11. Looks like a horrifically deformed person getting a titty-suck offa puppy. f*cking weird, check its paws Amazing It isn't that amazing, it's just a "piece of art" displayed in the hall of some big building with people rushing to either their desks or coffee machines in the background, sure makes me not wanna drink no coffee if it was real
  12. CARLO!!!! I'm sorry, haven't seen you on here before yesterday but this is what I think of at the moment, hope you like it ...oh, the video isn't original because the track never got an official video, but it's the song that counts. ENJOY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgzcvIPrj7g originally by Blink 182 but the :Cheesy" version is so much more fun
  13. ahhh nice input all together, when it comes to house... I gotta say I love it, at the moment I really like the dutch, swedish and english dance scene, they are very different from the german, italian, spanish etc. crap. That style of "house" music that I like has always been way smoother and we liked to refer to it way back when as mellow as an opposite to "Gabber" & "Hardcore" but the last 10 years we refer to it as club. Let me just tell you I luv all sorts of music but at the moment it's country like stuff for the American products and Club for (part of) European stuff. Best decade I
  14. I really wonder what members ...or at least the forum mongers like the best. We have young and old from different parts of the... Europe and U.S. and LOS :wink: so let's hear it? 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's what rocked and what sucked? Why do you think so, feel free to hand out some examples of artists which make that particular decade so EFFING good. of course you're free to go back to the 50's or 40's (PeeMArc probably? )or the previous 00's ...no I didn't specifically aim for Gee.
  15. Just over 7 quid? something like that but I'll hook you up for freeka
  16. Oh, we have to be honest about what shows we watched... LOST MIAMI VICE (hey I wasn't even a teenager and it was hip then) TOUR OF DUTY THE OFFICE UK LAW & ORDER (inclusing the spin offs) SOUTH PARK THE SIMPSONS TRANSFORMERS G1 THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (but haven't finished it yet) CARNEVALE (a friend forced me but I never really felt it) everything else just never REALLY sticked
  17. my condolences, if someday you really feel left behind tell me and I will hook you up with all episodes, Season 4 untill 6 will be in 720p... if that means anything to you
  18. You are what you present yourself to the world. and people should threat you according to your preference. It's simple. If they look like girls, they should use ladies room. If they look like boys, they should use gents room. It is tough when you are in between transitioning. I do think that 'Tom-boys" should be using gents room. Since they are the primary suspect for sexual threat to women in toilet beside men, NOT the ladyboys. yeah... I'm still waiting for supreme entity rooms to take a dump I don't belong in lady or gent rooms :roll:
  19. Right you are! It is the only tv show I bother to download, I will check out that show you're mentioning (not CSI btw )
  20. Actaully they didnt try to drag it.. They have already annouced that the last season will be 2010. And that is the plan they told us.. So.. Another 16 episodes we will see the conclusion of everything.. :wink: season 6... so, they dragged it out 3 series too many... became contrived and boring. :twisted: They DID have to drag it and later cut out **** they made up for dragging and therefore the characters of "zorro" and the stripper were just shown a very short while for example whilst they were meant to be a bigger part of the show. I must agree that season 4 and 5 weren't that good compare
  21. Bai Ling played an episode of lost and seemed a ho, but she turned out to be a "normal girl" after all. What do you know? LOST SEASON 6 HAS STARTED!!! **** YEAH!!!
  22. I'll be honest.... LOST!!! TOMORROW MORNING!!!
  24. - LOST SEASON 6 EPISODE 3 TOMORROW MORNING *******!!! **** YEAH!!! - ...by far the best news at the moment :idea:
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