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  1. Oh...well. Actually so and so (I guess). Seems a long time ago we had that beer at Nana :)

  2. How are you buddy?

  3. Poul

    R.I.P. TF?

    I agree with Don...before I used to login every day, heck I stayed logged in during the day...now it's maybe once a month. I have to say the old design was more easy and intreguing. After the upgrade, my journals have been butchered. A lot of old friends have disappeared (and reappeared on FB). A lot of easy functions have disappeared. What separated TF from FB was it unique and easy design. This may sound like whining, and it is...oh well, I'm getting old...
  4. Happy Birthday! All the best! :-)
  5. Good to see Tangkwaa, I could use some of that....weather I mean, it's freezing cold here :-P Nice pics! :-)
  6. Congrats! I dunno...I seem to have missed something :-)
  7. Poul

    Little Feet 11

    I never experienced having a baby...but your journal gave me a very lively feeling about how it would feel. Big congratulations to you both! :-)
  8. Many, many, many congratulations with the little girl! Hope the mother is doing well also! :-)
  9. Poul

    Well . . . duh!!!

    That is a good estimate...LOL :-)
  10. Very good...it's like being there :-)
  11. Poul


    Is that in BKK? :-)
  12. Poul

    Sex &The City: Public Apology

    An accident yeah right! :-)
  13. Poul

    Exploring's journal . . .

    Hehe...I guess the guy in #2 has counted it all out :-)
  14. Poul

    Happy Birthday Kunny!

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day :-)
  15. Poul

    Similan Island

    Oh nice! Then I don't say too much :-)
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