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  1. Shaun, can i have ur email again ? my msn was blocked >

  2. nzguy

    New TF Event Idea

    Is this a masochist's party? If only the bad guys were this organised, in 2 straight lines then straight to the water bucket.
  3. nzguy

    I'm a fat girl :(

    Yes lets lose weight. Can I join you?
  4. nzguy

    I knew it

    The mustache is a little gay and a little mexican.
  5. Love the part about the witch doctor. beware the evil Kwaku! he's coming to get ya if you don't pay up.
  6. Thats crazy and I have always wondered about the comparison between the actual energy released and the effect of the carbon released. so if I boil 1L of water using electricity it will trap the equivalent energy of boiling 100,000L over the coming years? I guess it makes sense when the carbon dioxide is just sitting there trapping the sun's heat for years. Is there any mechanical way to remove carbon from the air?
  7. haha "Don't touch me again! that concludes the video" time to break out the batons and pepper spray.
  8. nzguy

    this is sad sad...

    That is sad. and they seem like lovely kids. My cousin was born as an addict because of drug addict mother. I guess they had to give him morphine or something and gradually withdraw the drug over a period of weeks. Such a terrible way to be brought into the world.
  9. good job, you're awesome ^^
  10. nzguy

    Google Pac Man

    press the "insert coin" button twice and you can play 2 player with mrs pacman
  11. If anything she sounds like she's trying to dumb things down to make it interesting to a generally uninformed audience who don't know the details of thai respect for monarchy or their history. She only seems to be saying that history shows the king's intervention to be positive. She obviously has little knowledge of Thailand and Thai people but I don't find her comments disrespectful, maybe ignorant at worst.
  12. It is often the worst kinds of people who have the loudest voice. Nice montage. It is such a shame the way this protest turned out. I'm sure most people joined with the best intentions.
  13. nzguy

    Where in the world....

    Dancing is the universal language. Were those sealions at 1:33 having an orgy?
  14. this is a little sick but funny, i wonder if it has been done before.
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