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  1. ...so your husband, in the past, spoiled himself....... but now you are there to spoil him !! ( and he is to spoil you too)
  2. well they both took a break... but NPR here (in the US) report there were big demonstrations (Yellow shirts I am guessing) against the PM this Saturday and Sunday. so it seems a good time to bring this topic back.......seriously I learned a lot from the posts the last time.... yes there were some irresponsible posts and maybe most were predominated by one side or thought but it was a very interesting read Besides this is the kind of current topic that needs a discussion(s) --- I think............ so what is really happening in Thailand and why?
  3. thay always did have that Zombie look about them!
  4. OMG the old Administration lives!
  5. very happy eleventh! (nice bridge picute)
  6. and yes yor brain is getting older --with each passing night in a Wien pub! (mostlikely weaker too!)
  7. yes ... a lesson re-learned in Wien... I believe we each had 5-7 legs by night's end ... ( blurred)
  8. what to do? ---> drink more than one beer!
  9. oh-oh.... well then I hope I can send you a late (belated) Happy Birthday to you Big KUS!! I am certain some wine flowed and hope you had a fun day -- or maybe a whole week of fun since you started early! HBD
  10. send a PM to Big Kus ...she was there a few months ago I believe
  11. DANNO

    Humor did not drown

    tropical storm Andrea dropping 20 cm on us this weekend --- hoping we don't see any of this! I''ll look for a dry Wien in 2 weeks!
  12. not nearly enough evidence Bill; I found these on the link....I was expecting some truly inpirational ones from someone such as yourself
  13. DANNO

    Vienna public transport

    going to Wien in late June ... PM me any advice Fritz !! please. I have never been there before...but when I return I will give a current review of its public transport!!
  14. DANNO


    and he speaks the world's universal language !
  15. DANNO

    Hi all,

    where and when Khon it is preformed (because after the 5 lessons - I will want to experience it) --- schedule the class to see a performance as one of the lessons ---> then discuss
  16. so the "top scientist is think Brasilia eh?
  17. DANNO


    great place to be bad? :twisted:
  18. DANNO


    Patong looked interesting ---- but I liked Kata, Kamala, and Phi-phi
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