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    DANNO got a reaction from kaunitz in Amphawa   
    Silly..... that is not what you said (offered) in the second post of this thread....
    maybe since English is my native language - I am misunderstanding
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    DANNO got a reaction from kaunitz in entering the EU (a BigKus inspired Blog)   
    Turkey wish is to be part of the EU
    the EU's wish is that Greece would disappear
    plus they are not so sure about Turkey (are they stable? are they European? are they civilized? --you pick ! :twisted: )
    Now going back centuries Turkey has always wanted Greece...and they have been sucessful several times conquering it ...
    here is the perfect peaceful solution ---> Turkey should BUY Greece (up-front cost has to be a bargin)
    there by gaining heroic stature on THE Continent and maybe saving the world !!!!!!!
    what do you Turkish members and Civilized EUROS think (I want a second career as a diplomat)
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    DANNO reacted to CiaranM in would u have sex on the first date??   
    if u've had sex u should already know she used to be a he .... unless u were too drunk to notice !!!
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