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  1. Humans are not meant to be monogamous. We're animals, and animal instinct takes over. Being 'hot' doesn't make you a good partner, either. If you have a lot of resources in a marriage, and you get divorced, you could stand to lose everything, which makes cheating a viable option (although, if you get caught, your f*cked)
  2. i'm pretty sure if he didn't say he was drunk he would have gotten off. ****** idiot.
  3. AYJeezy

    Drunken Darts Update

    why not have it on friday the 19th?
  4. I am good at hitting those double 1's...
  5. You can't pigeon hole all police. I've come across some very nice police...and some absolute nightmares.
  6. Yeah...this is right up there with burning people at a stake because you think they are a witch or warlock....or imprisoning or killing people because they disagree with what the church has to say....this kind of nonsense has happened in western cultures as well.
  7. I weight lift 3 times / week and try to play basketball on Sundays. Exercise is important, especially if you are the type of person who gets stressed out easily or doesn't have a very active job.
  8. AYJeezy


    loved the monkeys
  9. wow, that hit really close to home for some reason...
  10. i don't think it really matters.
  11. AYJeezy

    World Cup Draw...

    3 words: STARS AND STRIPES.
  12. I'd send her a picture of what she is really missing.
  13. Dtac doesn't have support for blackberry does it? Discuss, because I know absolutely nothing about either one.
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