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  1. Dr_Mike has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 40%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  2. Wow. playing the drums for you now! (Big beat bass drums) Feels good to be back with the gang a bit. Getting warmed up for my return to Bangcock this month.
  3. Now THAT is damned funny! As for bikini bottom: that's where sponge bob lives in the DEEP water. I've been reading the forums, and just couldn't resist this one. You guys are even more witty than ever!
  4. This post makes me feel pretty lucky. I never paid much attention to size, always had enough to hit the sand in bikini bottom.
  5. Thanks and have a safe trip.
  6. ???????????? Take care "beej" You'll be missed. I've asked the admin and moderator to delete my account here. Cheers and see you around.
  7. Admin: Please close my account on TF. This is not a joke, Thank you, Mike
  8. I've met some very nice people on TF, some nicer than others... of course. Its time for me to move on now. Many of you will be missed dearly. Thank you all for some interesting conversations. Perhaps I'll see some of you in and around Thailand. You can email me at: [email protected] Take care and best wishes to you all! Mike
  9. I've met some very nice people on TF, some nicer than others... of course. Its time for me to move on now. Many of you will be missed dearly. Thank you all for some interesting conversations. Perhaps I'll see some of you in and around Thailand. You can email me at: [email protected] Take care and best wishes to you all! Mike
  10. Paul K. Driessen, JD, Senior Fellow with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, in a chapter titled "Solar and Wind Power Are Unproductive and Environmentally Harmful," in the book At Issue: What Energy Sources Should be Pursued?, wrote: "Producing 50 megawatts of electricity using a gas-fired generating plant requires between 2 and 5 acres of land. Getting the same amount from photovoltaics means covering some 1,000 acres with solar panels (assuming a very optimistic 10 watts per square meter (W/m2) or 5 percent peak efficiency), plus access for trucks to clean the panels. Using the sun to meet California's energy needs would require paving over tens of thousands of acres of desert habitat, sacrificing what the Wilderness Society calls 'some of the most beautiful landscapes in America,' and with it their resident plant and animal life." - Paul K. Driessen, JD The California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), in their Nov. report "Potential Health and Environmental Impacts Associated with the Manufacture and Use of Photovoltaic Cells," available on the EPRI website, wrote the following: "The production of photovoltaic devices can involve the use of some toxic and explosive gases, corrosive liquids, and suspected carcinogenic compounds. The magnitude of potential effects will vary based on the materials’ toxicological properties, and the intensity, frequency, and duration of human exposure... Disposal of large quantities of modules in a single landfill could lead to increased potential risks to humans and biota [animal and plant life of an area or time period]. The leaching of chemicals from these landfilled modules has the potential to contaminate local ground and surface water... Biota inhabiting the areas in the vicinity of an accidental release at a manufacturing facility could be exposed to elevated concentrations of chemicals through direct ingestion of compounds, ingestion of contaminated water, contact with contaminated soils, or inhalation of contaminated air. Exposure to chemicals can lead to a variety of impacts on organisms, including impaired reproduction, decreased pulmonary activity, increased mortality, and reduced growth. The severity of any effects will vary depending upon the amount and type of chemical being released..." - California Energy Commission Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Howard C. Hayden, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Connecticut, in his book The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run the World, wrote: "The Solar Two site [a solar installation in Barstow, CA] occupies 52.6 hectares (130 acres) and produces 10 MWe (megawatt electrical) peak. Its capacity factor is about 16%. For a Solar-Two installation to produce as much energy as a typical 1000-MWe power plant [approximately 0.6 square miles] does in a year, it would have to cover about 33,000 hectares (127 square miles). That is environmental impact!"
  11. The marine joke is so so true. I'm gonna be back in BKK soon and need to know who's hands I can/can't shake after buying them all drinks. This hand washing topic is rediculously funny and should be a forum on the main site.
  12. The amount of real estate already being used in Germany is VERY large scale, yet only claims to produce 1% of the energy used. So simply imagine that solar land consumption a mere 25 times larger. Germany would be essentially "under glass". And that is a solution? I can see why Thailand would get more energy, there's a lot more sun. But what if the world changed ALL its power to solar, and global warming/cooling/ climate change were real... the sky would cloud over, the solar power would be useles and we would all be helplessly in the dark! (maybe not so bad fo some people..) A friend of mine is working NANO solar. http://www.nanosolar.com/
  13. Do any of the guys here on TF wash their hands after the Luu?
  14. "The four banks lent 5.4 billion baht over 12 years, knowing there's little risk, and Egat's contract to purchase solar power at a fixed price makes the decision a no-brainer. " Just the name EGAT... I can tell you of some personal experiences with EGAT and their contracts, talk about TEA..... I certainly hope the solar power will advance in technology soon. One of the main concerns with it is: geography based-real estate, meaning massive areas covered with large vulnerable arrays of glass panels. The other issues are many: such as grid management, dependence on sunny weather and no truly reliable physical protection of the array. We have a somewhat large array at Coastal Carolina University. Any given day the peak output should be 15kw, however it almost never goes above 5kw and we have more sun than most European countries . Then theres the high price-low output: Compare the $400 million estimated cost of the 75-megawatt Babcock Ranch plant to the company’s estimated $600 million cost of building a 1,150-megawatt gas-powered plant in Dade County. Fifty percent higher cost, 1,400 percent more energy. http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2009/apr/22/brent-batten-without-subsidies-solar-powers-future/
  15. My NYR is to stop being such an a**hole on TF. Bu then, do we ever really keep these?
  16. Samuel Adams??? are you saying that you drink beer? I thought most Dr. prefer something more posh, something Merlot. RED wine or JD for me, only. I only asked IF I could say Samuel Adams... (Note: I do not condone drinking alcoholic beverages in excess, although it does soften the cat. Also is there a "most" of any kind of characterization? This almost sounds like profiling.) :shock:
  17. Dr_Mike

    2011 Are You Ready?

    It's damned time we all got a new start. I wish all of us a very happy 2011.
  18. What about one for the people that touch other people's genitals? Like: Maybe you touched HER genitals?
  19. Happy New Year Everyone.
  20. He doesn't make much from running that site for sure. Sadly, retiring on 1.2 million doesn't mean that he will be living a nice life for the rest of his years. If invested well, it will be enough. Damn, its pretty easy to blow $1.2 million, peanuts. Will he be able to hide the rest of his life with a mere 1.2 million now that he has a bounty on his head from all those countries he "leaked" on? I'd call the wiki guy gay, but he'd try to hit me with his purse.
  21. Did you enjoy that? Will you be sharing photos of your experience?
  22. I agree: YanYan should get the YoYo prize. 2011, just one last year before 2012...
  23. That sounded pretty gay....... You would know better than me sir. I'm about as far from gay as a man can get, how's your I-Pad? I'd rather write words like who-re etc, but don't want any flags from abusive, power hungry, cowardly moderators. I probably shouldn't have said shite about it, but it seemed to fit the ghost topic. Wow, that was funny, they even had a transvestite for Beej: " Mrs.H. - you mean the Lao Khao ghost.. " Still, the ghost-boogie man idea might be a great way to add some scratch lines on my long totem pole.
  24. The BOGEY-man is a scary character to frighten kids into behaving well. The BOOGIE-man is James Brown... who is also a scary character that frightens kids. I got the Boogie fever..... I think it's going around.... 8)
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