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  1. i just uploaded it, wait til the mod approved the pic so u can see.

  2. Just come to say hi!

  3. in fairness while the main beach at hua hin isn't up to much, Khao Takiab is just 10 mins away by songtaew and is a lovely beach ... white sand and clear blue water !!! also much much quieter than the main beach !!!!
  4. if she's an ex-gf does it really matter how many ******* skype accounts she has ??? :cool:
  5. CiaranM


    lol .... nearly 4 years and what a great 1st post !!! :twisted:
  6. huh .... i knew they were dumb even before i did them !!!
  7. boring ... and nobody really cares ... as u should have figured out by now !!
  8. CiaranM

    people watching...

    well i liked them ... even if nobody else did ... LOL !!
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