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  1. i just uploaded it, wait til the mod approved the pic so u can see.

  2. Just come to say hi!

  3. CiaranM

    people watching...

    well i liked them ... even if nobody else did ... LOL !!
  4. CiaranM

    people watching...

    some cool pics Iain !!
  5. because it takes a man 5 minutes to buy a pair of shoes ... a woman takes 5 ******* days !!
  6. that's usually NOT through choice !!
  7. CiaranM

    Good old music

    so ONLY 2 have beards .. and ALL 3 have different names !! so ALL 3 actually have nothing in common except being twats ... so Piant was right !!
  8. CiaranM


    excellent point !!!
  9. CiaranM


    **** OFF AND GO TO HELL ... that's a tad harsh ... it was only a party not the ******* second coming of the messiah !!! cue ... he's not the messiah he's a naughty naughty boy !!!
  10. CiaranM

    Chaos and Order...

    And don't forget Tengo hambre, tengo sed! on SATURDAY (Neung take note!!) 29th September, taking place at what is now Bangkok's 5th best international restaurant (kudos to Dave here - considering the reviews CB used to get a few years ago, this really shows the work he (and his staff) have put in). << has Dave got the staff writing good reviews now also !!!
  11. CiaranM

    Life in a forign land

    his actions would only be "not acceptable" if Soda was finding them troubling or offensive ... however she would appear to enjoy the attention and seems to be encouraging the guy ... NOT a good idea in my opinion !!
  12. CiaranM

    Read carefully

    i'll take it u were not a brookside fan !!!
  13. CiaranM

    Read carefully

    she's buried under the patio !!
  14. CiaranM

    Read carefully

    there was more than 2 perverts who had posted on this blog !!!! before me ... i mean !!
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