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  1. Hi, never been to Charley Brown's... but the salsa band looks cool. Do you get some space/ allow people to dance salsa that night also ? Cheers!
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    Wow i love this story of you!
  3. Yeah I guess that is about the same... hormones create mood swing in women while beer create belly swing in men... hey look how friendly are the users here?! joking, but i was referring how easy for the journal maniac ;-) I never posted a journal myself so better shut up on this one, just pass on what i heard along. Also as I'm trying to reply this thread I can't click to put 'laughing icon' from the emoticons lists and I had to manual type it instead. I got the same problem as BigKus about photos,and I still do sometimes. The error is off once I refresh and on when refresh again. And so
  4. OK, I admit I was too emotional yesterday so it was a bit exaggerating (combination of the damn hormone fluctuation and mood swing and hot weather, low sugar, etc. etc....) Yeah I probably not being active enough to open my mouth 5555 The new version actually was not bad, it first gives some uncomfortable feeling like being lost in space like no sense of time and place because the page has no frame no highlight no focus... well may be that was a new concept to offer. At the beginning it kinda annoying the banner where random pics of some crazy party but now you have fixed it! So now the
  5. the (perhaps only) good thing about this new TF version is its modernity, now the site look cool and fashionable! but what comes with it, - much slower - too many errors - too confused (yes many Thai people like myself still not so advanced or what some smart ass people like to call us 'stupid' 5555) - lose its charm - the most important thing : lose its identity! Not gonna go in details because too many have already being helpful and useful on this! Yes the old version may look old fashion but without your realization it also become your selling point and it is what attracts many Thais her
  6. YES! Where else could beat the easy going sabai sabai Thai style?! combine with the favor for monetarism make it perfect heaven!
  7. In fairness, if you are new to Thailand, it's difficult to know what is acceptable to Thais. Believe it or not, most farangs try to behave well and not to break Thai rules for behaviour. One thing to think about, if you always wait for guys to approach you, you are never choosing a boyfriend, you are always being chosen. Is that what you want? It's totally nothing wrong with women making the first move and English_Bob make a point there. I don't approach first and also because I like guys with confidence so I make myself notice and choose from the guys that approach me. It has nothing to do
  8. How you are looked at and the kind of impression you would get depends on how you behave and what kind of 'interest' you show, not depend on being a farang. And of course you wouldn't act/behave the same as when you relax and have fun in a bar as when you met 'normal' girls on street. I never felt bad walking around Nana neither alone nor with farang friends knowing 'the bad reputation' of the place and how people might have thought. Actually i kinda like that place its a nice combo of many things, always have my eyes on those nice stuff along the road and sooo many restaurants to choose f
  9. And the moral of the story is......? Or its one of those tale from the crypt story sharing?! Anyway my best condelence to your friend in every way! ;-)
  10. LittleBit

    Early Garden pics

    Wonderful pictures! Irma does a really amazing job with her garden, while you did a great job depicting its beauty ;-) And again we got the same favourite picture. Thanks for sharing Kirk. :-)
  11. 55555 this is super funny!
  12. Oh so it is not really so smart(ass) of her! Well next time other than stealing and get 2-5yrs in jail, she can just easily follow what the others say....This Is Thailand, take it (and pay of course) or leave it. ;-)
  13. Soo.... what is the implication of the whole story? the smartass Aussie lady VS the big ass, sory i mean big ego thai police?
  14. Sharing? No way! The job is all mine!!! Ok guys, now anybody wanna share a room with me ;-) (but you will buy me a super hi-so lotion for my rough hand?)
  15. Personally there is no such rule as 10 things or the 1 thing you should never say to a man. ( :roll: Ok now that i said that it starts to make sense to why i dont have a man to say anything to.. 555) And yes agree to many, trust and respect have to earned. While suspicious is there as a red flag. Nonetheless give it time if keep growing then you are just about good to go..
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