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  1. dont like bike .. have fun then
  2. omg!! äËÇÃÑéÂà ¹ÕéÂ
  3. "so if weekend, or at home, no communication at all." >> why not?! at least just a few minutes
  4. well said Andy .. ;-)
  5. looking forward to seeing my team, KK FC, step in Thai Premiere league next season..
  6. good for u ja .. keep on working
  7. http://www.bkkmenu.com/recommend/mokka.html mostly in this website is thai .. but u can choose the others.
  8. LIEBE

    Thai Movies

    thumbed up! i didn't stop watching Thai movies but only less time to spend on them. most of their script was ok but poor acting and no research for those roles.only looking good aint help for their acting.
  9. no we're not .... it's U !!!!! i dont think men it's too difficult .. they are easily to be guessed but us, women, especially thai women are more difficult. ( for example, love to change(whatever) many times) for me when it comes to work/business .... YES 8.00 is 8.00 !!! when it comes to date, dinner or meeting .... turning up on the correct day is a bonus that's why usually i arrange to meet in a bar/restaurant/coffe shop ... so that if they r late i can have a f**king drink while i'm waiting !!! business is business .. i understand that. but some of them still slow. Like to be late mak
  10. LIEBE

    AAA with Thai costume...

    vote goes for "B"
  11. worse --- >> the worst! of course not all
  12. i had J-Food today at lunch .. but didnt work bad taste .. i added fishsuace lmao !!
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