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  1. Every time I sign in here ,the only entertaining thread that left is when whitelotus asking for EB and get frustrated ..Amen
  2. You should ignore him like you always be ignored from the man ... what's the point anyway?
  3. I like that you feel lively again to write some more fun stuff ..keep them coming my dear
  4. your nephew is adorable as well as your friends LOL !
  5. Lillydilly


    none of us willing to accept the negative unknow answers while finding the resolution during the situation. You wish that your love is hearing your inner voice ...speak up and clear it out before your heart rotten in there. Things may turn out surprise and that's a reward of patientness OR it's many not turn out your way but at least you know the new path is arise and you need to be ready for it.
  6. you have been loving for over 5 years and that should be enough to know that what is the best choice for yourself & the love one.If there is no tomorrow I 'd rather be with my love .Money could be an issue but a smart girl like you will get through eventually just need a little faith to yourself and the man. People do make some sacrifice for love and the life style that we're all having in Thailand will need to be cease for awhile but it will not be the end of it ...as you know you will spend money wisely and plan a little more until you get yourself a job in other country . If I 've been
  7. Lillydilly

    in tough dilemma..

    I took salsa class with Ricardo before and it was so much fun , problem was that you have to always have a man with you coz your girlfriends can't help very much since the dance is so sexy thus everyone wants to do the lady part ! but now when I have a man of my own I don't go to salsa often because of too many single women lol. Anyway , I noticed that all good looking guy wouldn't attend salsa class but old,gay and professional dancers!! btw,hot yoga is best . Have fun ka
  8. EB : I 've been reading forums for years but did not participate much , I can see who is who. I feel sorry for the girl that she could have hold her pride and dignity elsewhere since drawing attention here doesn't work out but I guess being rejected is hurtful and made a beautiful girl become a weirdo on internet site. Some people is just needed to win badly to gain self respect...sad story but very entertaining in the same time.
  9. @ Bodai : no need to tell who have said that but Would you be more kind to WL if she is beautiful ?
  10. พูดไปสองไพเบี้ย นิ่งเสียตำลึงทอง , One of my friend has told me that Whitelotus is one of the most beautiful woman she has ever met , tall with long black hair , slender just like a model so, go figured boys P.S ** This forum threat reminded me of Thai proverb that'all **
  11. go get lost in London by yourself , you will learn more in 1 day than the class room
  12. Steve always be my hero....bravo once again !
  13. Lillydilly has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 20%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?. I should not done this quiz ! lol
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