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  1. happy birthday, kus!
  2. in my opinion, yes...i didn't say i was always right though...
  3. in my opinion, yes...
  4. looks start it off but personality has to be there for anything longer a fling...
  5. hi, kaew...don't worry so much about your language...i'm sure you will learn the basics fast

  6. he is a total ass...don't pay any attention to him...
  7. wait...one more just read it...
  8. you're welcome!

  9. Thx for your voted ;-)

  10. if you consider him a friend then why don't you just ask him...if he is really a friend he should have no problem giving you a truthful answer... good luck
  11. bill, hope you are right!
  12. you're very welcome!

  13. Thanks for your vote, Garlic ! :-)

  14. you're very welcome:D

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