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  1. Thanks for joining the Frenchies in Thailand Group! Hope you enjoy it as well in our groups as also on TF in general!

    Merci de joindre la groupe "Frenchies in Thailand" - j'espère bien que tu t'amuses sur notres pages!

  2. tu n'a rien a craindre je reviens tout juste de la thailande, j'ai passé les fêtes a udon thani sans aucun problème You do not have to worry...I am back from thailand ...no problem ps : exuse me my english is poor
  3. berny66

    <b>My Japan 2011

    nice pic ...i love japn
  4. berny66

    A trip to Washington DC

    Beautiful pictures...my friend
  5. berny66

    i'm so proud

    very nice miss ..A+
  6. she is like ex my wife ..it's her sister maybe ..lol haha ??
  7. berny66

    En vacances

    bonsoir Je vous souhaite de bonnes vacances et profitez bien A +
  8. you get a french farand ..lol ..( joke )
  9. bon tu t'en fous deja t'a un fils qui est vraiment beau ... :wink: ... your child is beautiful :wink:....laisse pas ton fils en thailande ..il sera mieux en france :wink: ps i think your son looks like a little asian that an African .. lol his mother must be very beautiful... :wink: :wink :ton fils ressemble plutot a sa mere je pense il fait plutot asiatique qu un africain ...ca mere doit doit etre vraiment tres belle but i can see my child at bangkok and now i have a new girlfriends ..lol merci chris :wink: ......bye
  10. i had to explain to her about the news media and that not all black people here are criminals or drug users. that these are my friends and they would trat her with respect. I was pre judged by my wifes family as a gangsta', thug, dope dealer, womanizer, etc (I think you get the point) but my wife has never had to work. I have always taken care of her and my chilren, like a man shoulddo. The fnny thing is my wife's cousin, who ridiculed herfor being with me, married a lazy, two bit hustler of a man who happens to be Viet. Notice that I stated he is a man first or at least male; lazy, two bit h
  11. i'm black french...BlackMan Don't worry with racism in thailand ...I was married to a very beautiful Thai women ..we have a Son as tiger woods : ...
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