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  1. submissiv

    where to find a guide?

  2. submissiv

    Midlife crises

    do not jump for the the moon it will hurt you on the way down or something, are you still here? i thought went to heard cheap or pick kiwi or something? where is the photo of the cut hair?
  3. In the shower loooong way from Thailand when this festival take place hate it.
  4. i hate Songteaws i wish they go away they are blocking the traffic
  5. Can they please Join EU already.....
  6. https://www.paysbuy.com/index.aspx is almost the only option if you want to set up a shop. You can also work with a bank but then you need to have a larger company. Mpay also works from AIS. Thai debit card sux since you can not use them online outside Thailand but every bank have its own system like Kbank have cyber banking to use with your visa electron. If you have any questions send me a PM
  7. i prefer MILF but anyway are you man a Thai or Jewish or something i mean he can not be from USA or something very people do this kind of things now. I think you should dump your bf on his mother since she will always come in your way if she was a Milf i could take her of her lol
  8. I think Soda is smart enough to do it herself, but you need to think about the number of bar girls, hookers, street trash and other things Thailand Export each year to the down under. So you you need to wait for them to clear first... you will make it and we will miss you
  9. she knows someone thats the best way to get a work in Thailand. You do not need any education its enough that you know people. Same as Thai air the board of directors have been sitting there and picking there friends from the start. Very gooooood for Thailand.
  10. right they killed more people then Hitler ever did ohhh no i forget they were Jews they are more worth then Chinse and own more movie companies. When then China killed one 1 million people in Tibet and crush a culture to dust the west just jawns since Tibet have no oil. Next time you buy something look for the code 91 in the bar code. If it have that do not buy it its all from China. Free Tibet Now!
  11. leave a comment then go run behind a hidden profile buuuuuu!
  12. thanks Fujico time for you to go to bed
  13. send me a photo and i be right on it
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