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  1. So cute mak mak na ka bella so i thought u still in Thailand but u r there anyway hope u happy there na ka ^_____^ long time no see and miss u mak mak ka ^^
  2. he was found not guilty in court on stealing the melody
  3. BrianAZ

    True Or Not /4?

    women have the numbers to vote anyone they want into office here in the usa, but they deal from to much emotion.
  4. Darling we have a maid, I never get my nails dirty! ide have a maid but i keep the house clean most of the time And why do women clean before the maid shows up,,,um thats the maids job.
  5. BrianAZ

    Nicky got married!!!

    Congradulations Best wishes to both of you.
  6. BrianAZ

    Old man

    oh yeah thanks,,, what were we talking about again?
  7. BrianAZ

    Old man

    Im not old,, sh*t I forgot my age. where are my glasses i can't see.
  8. Happy Valintines day! kisssss
  9. BrianAZ

    Photos of Cowboy Trip

    Wow looks like a great time, ill have to remember it for my next trip
  10. BrianAZ

    How to cure migraine

    here in the usa they have had a lot of success with botox injections in the scalp, it relives pressure on the nerves and veins in the scalp.
  11. the votes are for charity, we can all do better... im doing 2 for one help the kids out.
  12. Ill get into bkk on 01-21-09 at 11:45 pm wo hoooooo... dont forget to vote for me it is for charity
  13. Why start a forum topic then delete what people say ?????????? I havent deleted anything.
  14. I am in, it is a great cause, most of us were lucky enough to grow up with a family.
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