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  1. Funny, I was just thinking of Eddie from Hawaii and here someone remembers him.
  2. I have been surfing here on the new TF for a while now and I agree this is a complete failure. I am still lost and am doing far far far to much scrolling.
  3. Short is beautiful.
  4. "I asked the organisers, but they insisted on paintballs and protection" I don't get it.....why would you wear a condom?
  5. primetime

    Bang! Bang!

    When I played men were men and women were men.
  6. primetime

    Bang! Bang!

    Give me a break...you guys were wearing padding and full head gear. Not exactly like when I played when this sport was in its infancy.
  7. "I use to be a STUD HORSE but now look at me I am treated as if I’m a sex slave. there were 3 girls did this to me." Sounds like such a hard life. What a shame. I guess someone has to do this.
  8. In answer to the original question. It is very bad here. There are the haves and the have nots. Unfortunately the haves don't understand how hard it is for the have nots. This whole mortgage scandal is very scary and I don't know who will take the fall...the mtg brokers, home owner, original note holders, current note holders, title insurance companies, etc.
  9. Asian girls have ******* go side way? What about mix girls....do their ******* go diagonally?
  10. Ever think it was because they didn't want their place trashed by a bunch of rappers and their friends not to mention all the added security problems and scaring off all the other long-term residence who were there long before this guy and will be there long after this guy would left, assuming he stayed there and acted properly.
  11. If you have a 100% solar house, except from the windows and doors does the house stay cooler?
  12. Forget the seat next to the driver. I want one next to the hottie girl.
  13. Congrats Ian. thanks for raising my odds here on tf so they are better than 1000 to 1. Every little bit helps.
  14. reminds me of Taipei where at 5am every morning the guy with huge speakers would drive around announcing to the residents that he has arrived and asks you to come out an sell your recyclables to him. Almost killed me. Thw worst part is he spoke in Taiwanese, not Mandarin so I couldn't understand him.
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