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  1. http://hiphopwired.com/2011/09/04/boy-dies-after-masturbating-42-times-in-one-night-30097/ Go figure. I am a wanker but this guy takes the soggy buscuit
  2. When I first came to BKK I really got into eating Thai food off street sellers. I was about to start work, I set off at 7.30 Monday morning. I took a motorcycle taxi, right when I got to work..... I **** my pants. So I called my boss and said 'I'm outside but I have just **** myself. He didn't bat an eye. He replied 'No worries, just come in tomorrow'. We agreed we wouldn't mention it to the rest of the team. I walked in ,****-stain-free, the next morning in to the staff room and one dude said. 'Hey, this is the guy who **** himself yesterday'. I continued to work there for another 3 years.
  3. That's out of order... They empty on me not in me, but wouldn't that make me a ***?
  4. Spunk-stuffed-aids-riddled-*****-spunk-enjoysforcingituphisbleedingassholeafterfuckingafricanrugbyplayerstypepersonwhoalsospunksonkidswhentheyareeatinghisshit.....
  5. I found 'Bucketful of Chicken' hard to relate to
  6. a child, fried with some ***** sperm filling
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