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  1. me too....i wish i have 2 children.first is son and second is daughter.heheeeee
  2. No one

    Clip Power TTT

    ¹èÒʹء ÃÂÒ¡ä»ÃÑ駨ѧ
  3. happy birthday,wish you have goodluck eveythey from now
  4. No one

    Extreme cuisine

    which one will eat???? no oneeeeeeee
  5. No one

    Holiday in Thailand

    welcome to thailand....
  6. thank u for your clip ka
  7. No one

    Sunday Loso

    i love this song becaz my ex-bf sang it to me.....
  8. 5-8-7 look not important for me but brain come first
  9. i have a headache!!!!!!
  10. No one

    Home remedy again, pleaseeeee

    hope you get well soon.....
  11. No one

    :: that was too hot!

    next time you should have more becareful na ka
  12. No one

    Lets Work Together

    lets work together on wednesday morning .......work work work for life......
  13. someone have lot of money but no have land to stay.so money can't buy anything right.heheheh
  14. No one


    i wanna kiss kiss too
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