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  1. I am not as unwitting to assume that Japanese men will commit harakiri upon their failure of duties in the office, but I did read that there is a above average suicide rate by people who succumb to social pressures. What I meant more about Japanese cultures are more along the lines the gender roles and the social casts. I have been to Japan but to just visit as a tourist it would be impossible to get answers to these questions. Japanese are very private people, and politely bow out of any topic they find uncomfortable. In the novels a Samurai can cut down a peasant who may have been rude to hi
  2. Have you ever read a book called "Shogun" by James Clavell. I am wondering how accurately it reflecs Japanese culture at that time. And how much of what he describes is still accurate today?
  3. That depends where you look. I still after 6 years have never been asked for money. If I went to a bar to look I am sure I would find lot's of girls who like a few baht for their time. I think in any place the people thar you surround yourself with, shape your perception of the world.
  4. Hi Matt, I am pretty booked at the moment, but check out http://www.bkkwebdesign.com if you like what you see contact me at my [email protected] my website domain. Thanks.
  5. She said the same thing about me too ...

  6. หล่อที่สุดนะ ผู้ชายคนเนี้ย ;)

  7. My dads here I want to take him out of BKK asap Thanks~ Digi
  8. My dads here I want to take him out of BKK asap Thanks~ Digi
  9. Loli- Hey you, want this? Admin - Yes, although I have to say Philippines was by far the WORST one. NEVER EVER GO TO MANILA FOR ANYTHING lol SMS - you are welcome JapAm - Kunny is a doll. Just have to keep an eye on her. I am glad I didn't go to the bridge either. Soda - Compared to the last 2 I had... ABSOLUTELY Querida - I think it changed from 2 years ago. The service was not bad, as I said b4... the worst service I got was in Manila, closely followed by the embassy in Perth that closed without warning and the embassy that I sent my passport to in WA that lost the passport. SBI - Yes. No f
  10. Exactly right... ...Unless you consider girth... and oral sex... and anal sex... and pressure on the G spot during doggie-style . Oh and visual stimulation - I can't get much more than a B cup in my mouth, but I quite like looking at D cups every now and again. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of girls who like that 'WOW!' factor as well. There are millions of relationships that are based solely on great sex. The rest of that stuff is romantic, extraneous and irrelevant in these relationships. 'Mutual understanding' and 'nice tenderness' are nice theories, but don't really address girls
  11. 6 fireplaces don't have to be all lit at the same time... didn't you also state that the area has sunny weather? So when is it cold in LA?
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