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    The wedding test

    really great! : )
  2. Lagoon888

    i love your money

    It's always easy to take the girl out of the bar....and impossible to take the bar out of the girl : )... think about it...
  3. Lagoon888

    A university?

    Here is the best information: From the international phonetical alphabet ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet ) , the sound "u" ( pronounced : You) is considered as a consonant. So you need to put "a" for University If you learn the so useful international phonetic alphabet ( easy), you will find many explanations for the use of "a" or "an"... and many other vocabulary grammar rules... How about "an hour" ? haha... : ) I can explain too...the "h" of hour is not pronouced, so the" o" comes first, then you need to use "an" for the word "hour"... Have a nice weekend. Mike PS : I'm seriously considering to open an "International Languages Institute" in Thailand...
  4. Thxs! I jst woke up, nice to see those pictures, I will have a lovely day... Thxs a lot.
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