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  1. Sunee

    BIG change!

    Looking forward to hear your good news na ja... Take care
  2. Happr Birthday Mike... have a great weekend too. Congratulations!!!! <~*.*~>
  3. Agree wholeheartedly Thais, in my limited experience here thus far, are very much sponges to learning, new and interesting and probably more to the point, applicable knowledge. Whether that be english language, cultural differences between western countries and Thai culture, geographical information or more general non specific topics and subjects. i was speaking with a thai the other day and she asked me do i know what country Canada is in? This question from an educated adult working in hospitality. I emailed her a map of North America and Canada. Not stupid, just ignorant, and not ignoran
  4. Thais have only "Balloon" brains, the sizes and the shapes just like peanuts not like other nationalities huge wavy brains, we never allowed to listen or see anything outside our world (Thailand), we're taught only thai langauge, eating thai food, listening thai songs, don't speak with strangers and look in their eyes. Thailand never been a colony of any western countries before so we don't know or interested to know what happens outside our borderline. You are right that we are very ignorant and pround of our ignorances thats why we are so happy all the time. As I mentioned above, what else
  5. Sunee

    I'm back...

    Welcome back ka P'Poul... I hope you feel better and stronger now... I want to see happy Poul again. :-)
  6. Sunee

    My Mom

    Sorry for your loss P'Poul, my condolences and my thoughts are with you.
  7. Happy Anniversary Khun Mike... I hope you always happy and I know you're a happy guy
  8. Have a good evening and hope that some ideas glittering why you having beverage :-)
  9. P'Tudtu... tell him to email me... He seemed afraid to contact someone like me... HAHAHA.. I'm very ready for him now... I'm hungry and I think I can eat him out all for all the girls here... LOL
  10. OK... only salt and apple vinegar Yeah... ask me! ask me!... I would like to help!!!
  11. French Fries : to make your mouth dirty! French Kiss : to clean your dirty mouth after french fries! But they both are YUMMY........
  12. Sunee

    Relaxing in Japan

    Hmmmmm... great place... I got my ticket now... LOL
  13. Oh now I know the reason why doraemon became arom sia again. How can I do to make him arom dee?
  14. You called her so late!!! hehehe
  15. LMAO!!!... poor girlfriend... hehehe
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