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  1. China Town, I love it so much ~ I spent my best Chinese New Years over there and the seafoods are great!!! Happy Chinese New Year Por Por
  2. I've got to give "Haduri" a try and see how big my eyes can be ~ heehee ^-^
  3. Wallace

    Photo shoot on Sunday

    Wondeful shots!!! I miss Bangkok China Town and all the friends in Thailand ~ Hope I will step my foot in this wonderful place soon and drink the F*CK out of it ~
  4. I had my BEST Chinese New Years ever when I was in Bangkok China Town a few years ago and I could still remember that!!! Miss Thailand a lot and miss you a lot sister ~ but I still keep drinking here in Melbourne and my belly keep growing BIGGER ^-^
  5. Is there one for me Sis??? This is pretty hot here in Australia and I better get some icy cold beers to cool myself down ^-^ Miss you both, it's F*cking boring here ....
  6. I've drunk too much water, can't figure it out at the moment ~ my bad >.<
  7. Welcome to Melbourne Sis, I have been away from TF for a long while but I'll be there to catch up with you for a few drinks for sure!!! I don't drink that much anymore ... if you could believe my words (^-^)/
  8. Wallace

    Stuff Like that.

    ... maybe a bottle of beer to surprise your boyfriend and show your love ... ???
  9. Wallace

    Dave's Pizza!!!!

    Hey Dave, we should organise a part at your place next time and you can cook us some pizzas
  10. Thanks Dave ~ I love Beer Singha and the Thai salads tonight ~ How much I miss all the Yum and Larb in Thailand >.<
  11. Wallace


    What have you done to the dog? So CUTE!!!
  12. Wallace


    So much fun ~ did Van get drunk everyday?
  13. Wallace


    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos ~ I'm sure Van is happy lots of fun over there ~ very romantic and narak mak mak ^^
  14. Wallace

    Weds Sketch: 'Sinenat'

    Sorry, I'll finish the other half next time when I am not so busy ... hanging in the pub ... * sober *
  15. Wallace

    4 some!!

    I love that Elephant head on your country house, I could drive Beer Chang under there heehee ^^ And long live your 4some!!!
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