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  1. Hi stranger!!!! :)

  2. Hi Pui, this is Ken, I'm soooo sorry I didn't see your message, I stopped playing on TF for a while, I was too busy, but I will try to check more often. Do you still play?

    Anyway YES! I am an English teacher and I would love to help you develop your skills. Please email me at kscoe............. or you can message me or whatsapp at 081 911 8060. I hope to hear from you. :)


  3. Hello Kennon,

    I posted on the blog, seeking for parttime English teachersand Bill told me that you may be interested.

    Please see below link

    ...Let me know what you think.


  4. Like I always say, practice makes perfect. Can't wait to stop by and see the new bundle of joy. Congrats again bro, I can imagine how happy you must be!
  5. Happy Barfday ole buddy, the party was definitely a blast, in my top 3 of birthdays for sure. Apologies for being so late, I actually intended to bring Dong Hae with me, next time. . . I'm glad I volunteered to get in the water, but then again, throwing everyone in was worth it! About the picture. . . . I was hungry, and wanted to get me some Rob tube steak, yummy!!! Happy birthday tomorrow my friend . . . Ken
  6. Yoma just needs to lick some special magical ointment from my head, and he will be all better. Give him a big hug for me and scratch his bootie, he likes that!
  7. Hey it's me!!! Thank you to all who gave me birthday wishes, it means a lot. Last night I had a quiet night out, nothing too crazy, I even made it home on 2 feet without any assistance (so I'm told). I hope to see everyone out for Rob's big beautiful birthday bash on the 26th at Sports Academy. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW Deester, I did have pancakes this morning, how did you know!!!
  8. Now that's what I call 2 properly mixed babies, they're gonna be superhunks when they grow up! The house looks, eh, ok. Too bad it doesn't have a giant porch full of coon-huntin' dogs and rockin' chairs like all us southerners do, but it'll do. It's good there's a dogie out there to scout out the frogs too, too bad Yoma couldn't come and share his raise-hellion tactics with him. Woodchuck. . . I hate u right now. Drink a few for me will ya! About the wedding. . . Are you sure you wanna go through with this? lol It never gets old does it! Have fun buddy, looks like you and the old lady are living well over there. Don't get too comfortable though, those Fotobooks aren't gonna sell themselves!
  9. Very nice to meet you Anne, hopefully we can make it down to Phuket again soon. It was great seeing Dave again too. Thanks for the excellent pics!!
  10. That looks like it tickled.