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  1. Bushi

    Sunday afternoon

    Sure. Why not? I love to dance to Hip hop, and shake my butt.. haha.
  2. Bushi

    Sunday afternoon

    Hip Hop class. You dont need. I can teach you
  3. Bushi

    Sunday afternoon

    Wish I can, but unfornately I cannot right now. But I will soon. Need some time away to relax, and refresh myself.
  4. Bushi

    Sunday afternoon

    Busy working. I have been putting in 17-19 hour days for the last week. Sleeping 3 hours a nite. I want to have some relax time soon. Need it!!
  5. Bushi

    Have you ever....

    Yes. I have often done it.
  6. Very Disturbing, and Disgusting.
  7. Lovely photos as always :-)
  8. Bushi

    Green Day!! woop

    Wish I could have went. Next time I guess!
  9. Bushi

    Terra Cotta Army

    So perhaps I should be a General then
  10. Bushi

    Terra Cotta Army

    Excellent. I enjoyed it. So the Generals were the same Height as me then :-P
  11. Damm. If I was not so sick, I would come for sure!
  12. Bushi

    I'll go again!

    You sure do get a lot of vacations..hehe. I will catch up with you soon :-)
  13. Bushi

    Hey Hey!

    Happy New Year to you my always entertaining friend. Wishing you all the best for this year, and always. Big hugs. Rich
  14. Sorry to hear that. I do use the ATM's and I worry about it each time I do. Best of luck for everything in the New year, and I'm sure we will meet up sometime soon
  15. It's been Sunny all day with a cool Breeze here :-)
  16. Bushi

    Thailand here I come ...

  17. Bushi

    Dear hater...

    Haha. I see nothing has changed on this site. Unreal. Keep on dancing man, and enjoy what you love. I myself love to dance, and could not care less what people think. It's all about enjoying yourself :-)
  18. Ohhh cool. Love the Mountains. Look forward to more photos. My sister said they got some snow in Toronto, but not a lot so far. But as always, very cold. I don't miss the cold, but miss the clean air :-)
  19. Hey, where is all the snow? When did you take these? Very nice as always. Next time visit Toronto my city, and take some photos there too :-)
  20. Bushi

    X'Mas..Yo Yo!

    Merry Christmas to you. The new haircut.. hmm.. look like a punkrock singer from 80's band now
  21. Bushi

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to you both :-)
  22. Bushi

    James Cameron-Avatar

    Great Movie, and Good words spoken.
  23. I AGREE!! 3D Max was sold out, so I will see it again this week sorryyyyyyy... I am the one who took those (your) seat...eieiei 8) Damm!! I thought I seen you buying the last tickets!! GRrrrrr
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