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    Exploring got a reaction from kaunitz in Thai General Election   
    It seems we can not claim that highly educated people who are in Bangkok will always vote for Democrat party anymore. It a big lie marketing anyway.
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    Exploring got a reaction from kaunitz in The Isaan Princess   
    Frankly speaking here, I first need to give credits to the beauty of the ladies who came from Isan region. They have brown smooth skin and also good figures. Some have pretty faces too. These combination is well- suit for Westerners' test of women. I assumed that why we are focusing on Isan girls. Despite the fact that this region used to be the poorest region of thailand, people tended to move their way up by taking advantage of others or "selling" things; daughters, themselves. Thus, these people don't have a sense of how hard to get the money and how long will it take for one person to be successful . People who work hard will need to sacrifice their time and effort to create what they want. Most of them will learn to appreciate things. On the other hand, lots of Isan people work real hard and are successful too even they face the same circumstances. For example, they didn't have fertile land. Additionally, most western men here differ from the one in western world. I think they are odd. Probably it would be that they are in vacation mode all the time. I do believe that they get what they wish for. Nothing is wrong with that as long as there is no misleading here. Both parties must be happy as their needs are satisfied whatever it is.
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    Exploring got a reaction from dumper in Improving my PAKWAN skills   
    Personally, "ka" used by men will do the trick for women under 25 years old or perhaps under 20 years old. I don't think that grown-up women will find the guys saying "ka" attrative, of course friendly for sure.
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    Exploring reacted to koolbreez in What has happened to Lower Sukhumvit   
    I think you are blinded by what lower Sukhumvit is, and always has been, a tourist trap. The tourists expect the street vendors, they expect the touts, and they expect the working girls. Everything you are complaining about is what makes lower Sukhumvit what it is, and always has. It is a unique area of Bangkok, just like China Town, or KaoSan Road, they are what they are, and people visit there for exactly the experiences you are complaining about.
    The Beer Garden is much better, and cleaner than it used to be, it even has a band in the evening now, or are you simply complaining about the people that frequent it? They really haven't changed. It never was a younger crowd hangout. The owner does not allow ladyboys in the beer garden, and never has. The food they serve is still pretty good, and the beers are still pretty cheap. It doesn't look like the fire trap it did before.
    Are you complaining about the Thermai because you are now priced out of that venue? I like to see some people making more money, and it still is a fun place to visit, drink prices haven't went up that much.
    NANA Plaza has changed with the removal of the center bars on the bottom for fire safety reasons, and except for ownership changes, and remodels of some of the businesses, everything else is the same. Big Dogs is the same. Nana burger in the front has cleaned up their operation considerably. Unless you are looking for a ladyboy, the ones in the front don't bother you, and they've been there as long as I can remember. I do miss the hell fire, and brimstone preacher that used to frequent the entrance though.
    For the most part the lower Sukhumvit area is much cleaner than it was in the past with many of the old decaying businesses having been remodeled. The Bamboo bar isn't even bamboo anymore after all the remodel, and the parking lot has been turned into a very good Lebanese restaurant.
    I'm not really sure what has deteriorated that you are refering to? It has improved from what I can see. The people are different, but they change all the time anyway, both the tourists, depending on the season, and the business owners depending on who they found to buy them out this time around.
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    Exploring reacted to Damnam1 in What has happened to Lower Sukhumvit   
    Hey, mate, there are lots of 70 up to 80 year old guys from all over the world travelling to BKK..lots of former GIs stay at Nana Hotel and they still love to meet their girlies fromtheir Vietnam rest&recreation 36 years ago and celebrate the good old days..of course these birds have turned sixty and are beyond their prime, lol..
    In the 90´s Mekhong whisky was famous for causing impaired vision. Of course I cherish my own german fruit brandy, as I come from the fruit-growing regions along the river Rhein near the black forest. But good eau-de-vies are hard to get and five or six Saeng Som Coke never ripped my guts.
    I just like to dive in that urban culture in between my trips and even after 15 years of travelling to Thailand I am able to enjoy it for a couple of days.
    These good old days we are talking about- they happen right now..and one fine day I will probably be one of the grandpas meeting grandmas from TF..
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