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  1. gonna avoide getting wet on Songkran as usual :roll:
  2. Drove all the way to Bangkok today, just one wrong turn and I found myself at the center of demonstration...Democracy Monoment, Nangloeng, and Parinayok temple surrounded by red shirts. They were not furious and ferocious as I thought they would be. In fact, I asked one of them how to get to my hotel :wink:
  3. Brand new if you don't plan to resell it later, I was told that you'll always lose money if you buy a brand new car and you can never sell it for a profit. But for me it's gonna be a personal car and I'm gonna drive it until it falls apart. I didn't know much about car, neither I knew how to drive when I pre-ordered my car. That's always the easiest option and less troublesomes. All I have to worry is the empty tank and after 6 months or 10,000 kms just send to the service center and then wait a few hours. You can get help from a mechanic on buying relatively new used car but the car parts h
  4. learn a new language get another promotion or a new job travel more read more listen more eat healthier
  5. Yeah, it's that time of the year to make New Year resolutions again, I made 3 New Years resolutions this year, didn't give much thought when making them but I achieved all of them unexpectedly because of my impulsive decisions to do it the moment when I was highly motivated. ...gonna focus on my career and learn new language next year :wink:
  6. Well, do tell or living in denial because there are people who making a living off internet from buying/selling toilet paper, music, movies, books, home decors, appliances and job huntings and so on and on. There are millions of people having profile on online dating websites, you're the only one. And maybe in the next next generations, people will be dating aliens from Mars and then we think, heck they're a freak! Sorry, I just hate Monday
  7. A Time Machine, I like being a time traveller
  8. Waiting for a quotation from a dealership
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/ (my homepage) http://www.thailandfriends.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ http://www.lefigaro.fr/ http://www.thesims3.com/
  10. Tough question AAAum I think it depends on each individual and what's their life priority. At certain age or certain phase their life orientation shifts; for me it used to be career orientation in the early stage. But if I met the right person, I could be fully committed to him I would give it wholeheartedly to make sure that we are growing in the same direction and I would go extra miles to make that happen. When two people love each other, they don't look at each other; they look in the same direction. Ginger Rogers
  11. I prefer to work for a big corporate. It's challenge to work with all levels of people. There are many brilliant minds out there I can never stop learning from them. Maybe I will look at different picture when I get older but for now I'm happy with what I do.
  12. I've always wanted kids before I ever thought about who's gonna father them. Marriage isn't that important to me though.
  13. Just finished reading that, a little redundant if you've already read his previous "Too soon old, Too late smart" and "Never Stop Dancing" but otherwise a relevant read on the more important things in life. Finishing off "egonomics" which is a great book about ego, finished reading "McMafia" by Misha Glenny which is probably the best and most comprehensive book on organised crime I've read. "Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida started off well, see how it pans out. No, I haven't read his other writings but there are redundancies in this book itself too and I only read half of it. Just bei
  14. Waiting for my driving instructor.
  15. 1. Hell Yes! by Elezabeth Cogswell Baskin "Two little words for a simplier, happier life." Before you put one more thing on your calendar, before you agree to work on a new project, before you say YES to an invitation, before you buy something, even before you eat something, ask yourseslf one simple question: Is it a "Hell yes!"? If it's not a "Hell yes!" then let your answer be "Hell no!" 2. How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D. It?s not like falling head over heels stuffs but more on the psychological and philosophical extent. This book really caught my nerve so after reading 1/3 of t
  16. digitalcat - no, he isn't on TF ) PJack - j'attendrais vous...lol faycyber - you have to tame the little prince of yours like if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world? ;o) smskun - always quantity...always lol
  17. Watching Thai traditional performances by students from Prince of Songkla University all 5 campuses at The Port, Jungceylon. Fabulous & well done
  18. Enchanted

    Sunday Report...

    I want that pink bag )
  19. I prefer Hollywood English...however, **** English is touche. Where can I learn? :wink:
  20. olympos - nice to know that but my prince is unique in all the world ;o)
  21. if someone on your list uses a lot of apps, like mafia wars or the farm game or anything like that, you can also hide the posts regarding those apps without hiding your friend's other entries. Naah, people would believe in anything but solutions
  22. olympos - I already like this myth Dr_Sassy - yup, really meant for my little prince
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