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  1. WOW pretty... very pretty :D add me plzzzz

  2. sawadee krap, you have a very lovely smile. would you like to talk? i would like to get to know you better if you dont mind.

  3. สวัสดีครับ

  4. Hello Patty

    How are doing? What are you doing every day beside working? what is your past times enjoycement? do you have any chance to travel to a broad lately.

  5. hi how are you today if you like my profile i would like to get to know better. bold31

  6. hello sister! i always say that words always give you away!! connection is where we start and reconnection is where we keep going! follow your heart, it will light your path! may these words find you well.

  7. Hi Patty !

    How are you.

    You are very beautiful.

    I like your face .

    I will be in BKK in June.

    If are FREE just give your mobile no.

    Nice to see you Thailand Friends.


  8. knock knock any body home ?.....just looking for some one to talk with or friendship, maybe.....

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