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  1. migser

    Khaosarn tonight?

    too late for tonight..next time..
  2. migser

    what are you doing this weekend !?

    good point jap, and a great excuse!
  3. migser

    what are you doing this weekend !?

    studying, then drinking, then more studying.
  4. migser

    Fall for same type of ex

    I'd happily fall for someone like my ex. Intelligent, sharp, witty and very sexy, what more can I ask for? Wouldn't fall for my ex ex though. That wouldn't work at all!!
  5. migser

    Why am i so mad????

    let her make her mistakes as you will make yours. If it doesn't work out, she'll still be your friend. If you interfere, you'll lose her.
  6. migser

    Falling in love with a Farang

    don't believe in love...sorry.
  7. migser

    where are you guys going for songkran !? [video]

    crazy but lovely!
  8. migser

    with someone else?

    It did and I can't!
  9. Aaaahhh - so many virtual memories I will cherish forever.
  10. I think I got virtually dumped the other day. Not sure 'cos maybe it wasn't real!