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  1. I'm getting worried about you running after lady boys coming down escalators
  2. Man commits suicide after disappearance of prized bull semen stocks IKI, Nagasaki -- Both the prefecture and the Japan Agricultural Cooperative (JA) branch here are investigating after some 1,300 tubes of prized bull semen went missing and a person connected with the material committed suicide. A prefectural inquiry discovered the frozen semen -- valued at 1,220-510 yen per tube for a total loss of about 1.5 million yen -- was missing in August, and JA Iki has set up a special investigative committee to try and shed light on the disappearance. According to the prefecture's animal husbandry section, the 0.5 cc tubes of semen -- certified by the Nagasaki Japanese beef promotion committee as stock for breeding Nagasaki-branded beef -- are sold at 14 locations throughout the prefecture. After the theft of frozen bull semen in Miyazaki Prefecture in April, Nagasaki Prefecture conducted its own survey of the 14 sales points from July through November. When JA Iki was surveyed on Aug. 11-12, authorities discovered the branch was about 1,300 tubes short of its official stock of some 4,200. After the prefecture pointed out the shortfall, JA Iki set up a special investigation committee on Nov. 6. However, a 38-year-old employee responsible for managing the stock of frozen semen was found hanged on Nov. 3. Police judged the death a suicide. There was no suicide note. "Improper management may have occurred, and we believe the man who committed suicide new something of the circumstances," JA Iki stated, and continues to investigate in conjunction with prefectural authorities.
  3. Iain_D and English_Bob, you lads are so funny lol
  4. I'll go with Admin's. Getting her out may be difficult?
  5. great stuff Jay.. That clears the entire wording up.. In the case of "Katoey", I guess the 'Ka' means women? Isn't that why Thai women say ka and the men say kup (krub)?
  6. You got it wrong... he's not trying to find words that aren't offensive... he's just building up his arsenal! No.. It slipped my mind after receiving an email from a good friend in Korea who yes, is a "new half" as they call them :wink:
  7. both words are written differently pronounce differently and have different meanings. T = µ T = ·/¸ Side note, the word 'Katoey' will sometime in the future be no longer be called for specifically in transsexuals women, aside from effeminate boys and male who enjoys occasionally female clothings. As it would be equivalent to the N. word in western world. Even the world 'sao praphet song' does not cut it, and it might sound better, but it has become mediocre term used in condecending senses. If you keep up-to-date with news, 'phu-ying kham phed' (¼ÙéË­Ô§¢éÒÃà ¾È) (transwoman) and 'phu-chai kham phed' for (transmen), are now the endearing new terms preferred using for the specific group. just want to put it out there. You are on the ball SB I actually meant the word "Toey" Like Klong "Toey" or Ka "Toey" The word Toey by itself. What is the actual meaning? @Bob - That's right, Canal :roll:
  8. Their's Klong Toey, and Katoey new halves.. Klong means river, but what does "Toey" mean? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POyzZzvcaEs&videos=duwiLjcQ9o4&playnext=2&playnext_from=TL
  9. It depends upon the individual. so individually, Is a girl still a virgin if she has had an anal double penetration several times? Yes. Overly qualifies.
  10. This forum's having an effect on you
  11. I can see you are active and enjoying the threads, as always :wink:
  12. They are simple humans running a retail outlet. Nothing more, nothing less. I do believe they are very famous for quality tailoring at a bargain price compared to the West.
  13. I didn't come form such a family, but I do totally agree with you. Family, Mum's, Dad's and children are just so important. Nothing can break that and nor should anyone try. As pandorea said, It is rather complicated, and all situations vary. This would need to be looked at accordingly and helped.
  14. See? That is what I meant, I've seen and I've heard. It is not the objective to set any event but Yeah! it can be happened but not all the time of all TFers not only Thai girls. My point is why don't they say that "I want to have sex with you" then you don't need to set or join any event. Let's go directly for what you want!!" Is it not easier? because set / join the event or not, you will try or want to drag someone off to bed anyway. err.... I think EB was making a joke :roll: (although he is rather bonk-able... so the girls tell me) Getting worried about you two :shock:
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