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  1. literature

    1 year memory

    Go back there again with your New bf?
  2. I'd recommend u to take T shirt on at least when u go there next time Maybe your looks embarassed or scared the cashier.
  3. PS: I heard my teacher is a good looking, young man and he's single (hahahaha) If its as they said, plz take photos of him and post them for me !! hah
  4. Congrate! don't worry for what doesn't happen yet! Do your best.
  5. Posted by trite_n_true [ 7 January 2009 | 8:20PM ] Perhaps we can all agree that the term "TF moron" is not gender-specific . . If you carefully read what I wrote in the thread, you would see its specific for the man whom I mentioned in the thread and I didn't not genralize ALL of TF GUYS ...sigh ¡Ô¹»Ù¹Ãéù·éç¡Ñ¹¨ÃÔ§
  6. ...are you coming on to me? ....Well, I am well aware of the women who want to try and break men's hearts on this site... ....and I do not think I would like to become involved with anybody ever again.. ....I would like everybody to know that I am against relationships of any kind and think that they are all doomed..... ..79 (PM me..I will meet you at midnight by the oak tree) Oh well..I meant I have the same idea as you . Staying single is my policy. I just don't speak it aloud. Can I PM and meet you in my dream? I think I will be asleeping at midnight :roll:
  7. I will vote Yes if you wanna be a dominant nude model I will vote No if u prefer guys to look at your nice face to your nice boobs.
  8. If you really tihnk so, let's stay single with me then :wink:
  9. yes, I agree with Dr_Sassy.. sooner or later, people will lower their standards... I think by the time you realize Mr.Perfect/Miss Perfect died in 1890.. it's already too late. You guys should get a room!!! and can somebody make a video !!! I'm sure Dr_Sassy can handle it with only one laptop !!
  10. Posted by Stu_thailand [ 7 January 2009 | 5:09PM ] Not so mucuh as an insult. But it's a lot more clever than seeing some child generlising in a forum thread and branding every 'farang' Guy on TF an idiot. I dont know who that child is but I would not say 'every' farang Guy as an idiot.The word 'many' is more appropriate. Actually, 'an idiot' is not the word that I 'd like to use.
  11. Becoz someone is dependent on another person to seek for her/his own happiness?
  12. Is it counted as an insult ? " I love you as well as a dog loves fleas. "
  13. I don't really understand how you can still love him when u know he betrays u. You'd better learn to love yourself first. Then you will realize he is not worthy for your love and your pain at all. He was good to u but now he is not . Time changes, people could change. U should be with the present, not the past. As Dr_Sassy said, go to www.pantip.con/cafe/klaibann and seach for the posts of divorce problem with foreign husbands there or u can ask for their help in a new post. Good luck.
  14. Oh, did u get a TF moron as your husband ? Now you are gonna end your suffering Ëôà ÇÃËô¡ÃÃà and go for the better life without him. Cheer up! I feel pity on that TF girl whom hes interested in. Shes gonna be the next poor victim. :?
  15. I've done all what u said but I'm trying to be on diet !! No wonder why its not successful lol
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