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  1. I don't think most of Thai girls is a cheater. I am not object that they might be a few who act like that, it is depend on many thing like family background,education,previous history of them,friends who they around with,personal habit,and much more.it is depend on many things,some one have good education ,good family ,everything seems good but they still cheats,some poor girls doing rice farm no education,not too good family they are honest,The bars girls i am not garuantee about this but some of them are good and well habit, i knew one bar girl she is a beautiful young girl and she is very good. You might watch a lots The Cheaters shows.is any girl cheat on you?if yes sorry to hear that.
  2. Hello Friends. Is any one could help me contact this company in Italy? I need someone can speak Italian and contact this company for me.I want to buy sofa and bed for my customer. I tried to contact them via website, FB and others but no one answer me period. Here their website: http://www.dvhomecollection.it/en/lens_galleries/giorno-1/ Thank you very much andappreciate for your help. Windy
  3. And Thais Gays (lady boy) are the most beautiful Gays in The world LOL I don't know exactly why,BUT Yes they are all around,You mean Gays like lady boy or gays in the man look? some gays they appearance same a good looking guy,so many gays in the guys look make me confuse but i can catch them in some way ,i am smart hahaha.
  4. I would say yes first of all every one like to see outside appearance ,Thais women whom attractive to the western guys or the foreigners ,They are mostly come from north-eastern or south of Thailand ,because of their tan skin look and face shape look different from the city girls. One thing I can tell you what Thais guys like about Thais girls look ,nowadays they like white skin and face like korean girl or chinese,now Thais girls also like Korean guy,not less than the western guys or foreigners. Once i have been in Silom,i saw a western guy,he is a very good looking,he walked on the road with i can say she from North-eastern and not beautiful at all in my opinion but she must beautiful enough or good enough in some or many ways for him ,i saw him holding her hands and treated her very gentle. Apart from the outside look appearance ,Of course if she is smart it would be great,if not how about funny,confidence,good manner,take a good care of her boyfriend or spouse,and much more ,The truth is you can not find perfect girl all in one,but so many good things in Thais girls Make Thais girls attractive to foreigner.You got one yet?
  5. I agree 1 thing with Steve,I used to have a very nice group of friends here ,we used to have variety conversation ,sometime we have a little bite ,fight or whatever but we had a great time together,i missed that part .I just wonder what your guys have been up to?I missed you all.. One more thing i could not find my old post ..I example when i started a new member here, Japamerican told me that why not try to start post with anything,..anything for me I must to make something great,So i started with Thais women in international beauty pagent,.which is very valuable for me because I did research Thai women has been crowned Miss Universe since the first time until recent.Is it also gone with the new system?i don't know,but it’s ok for me.
  6. I found this and would like to share. This video will tell you why do the Thai people love our king so much, at 1.36.44 You said this is the evidence that you are winning? King said : "Oh i don't know but we are winning against hunger ,This is what we are doing,we are not fighting against people,we are fighting against hunger ,we want them to have a better life" This is so touch me.
  7. Do not surprise!!! Yes i do ^__^ ..I just got Order from Mrs.Natasha from USA i am going to ship to her after 45 days. Do you know classic furniture shop from USA? why American people often contact me.They can buy over there more cheap,because of shipping cost to USA approx 3300-3500 USD for 1 set or 1x20' container will be almost the same price.Unless they order container it will more worth. I am a gold member at alibaba.com as well.when people search classic furniture,or Italian furniture or Luxury furniture ,my products will show on the first page,That's why peoples all the world always contact me,I got email every day at least 10-20 message from alibaba sometime i can not reply to all customers. Whenever you buy a new house please don't forget my furniture na ka P' hehehehe..just kidding! I also have modern furniture to na. Hope you have a wonderful day over there ka.
  8. I always sleep late,Yesterday I found this on youtube .I am always interested in good documentary.This one not bad.Who you like between these 2 icon?
  9. You do? Not want to get up Or need a bed? For you i will give very special price P:Bill Here we go which one you want..hehehehe
  10. Yessssss will do that for sure ka :D
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPdqtktkZn0
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