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  1. Cute little girl she is :-)

  2. hi,

    lets be friends, planning to visit BKK

    can i have ur yahoo messenger or your cell no.

    take care

    friendly urs


  3. I read your journal and I cried, WTF?!?! lol
  4. Nhaa.. any parking lot will do :twisted: True
  5. How did u know?Ghost tells me as for me... ÃÙéÊÖ¡´Õà ¡ÕèÂǡѺà ÊÒÃì¶éÒËÂØ´à ¨çº ã¤ÃºÃ¡·ÕÃÑ¹à ¡ÕèÂÇÃÃäáѺ à ÊÒÃì áÅà ËÂØ´à ¨çº???? ¤Ø³äÃèÃÂÒ¡ÃÙéËÃá. Get a room!!
  6. Nice glasses!! haha
  7. I came home, and realized I forgot my suit at Charley Browns!!
  8. An idea of seeing you naked puts me off, so its a NO NO :winky:
  9. If he does, will you pay your own way? I would if he provides me a bunch of hot guys and girls, oh and my bf is going with me. Oi......don't forget yer mates! Only if they are hot enough. :rr: Then I reckon you should just forget about Stevie and Ciaran!! :winky:
  10. Jacky Chan is cute!! hahaha
  11. 1) Dave is right, some people have to work on Saturday, so Sunday would be a better choice. 2) Van is a better option, compared to train. Dont get me wrong, going to Ayutthaya by train is fun, I did it before when I was an undergrad, but its not convenient at all if you would like to visit many places in one day. Some vans can accommodate up to 15 people, so it wouldnt cost you guys that much. It depends how many places you would like to visit, if its not a lot, then go by train, then rent some bikes, sounds like fun, mind you, it can be tiring though lol. Ayutthaya is not that small if you wa
  12. Man, I think I heard this before lol, so Oil you aint the only one
  13. Dave, why putting so much of your effort in it? You should just wear your boxer, so that Bill doesnt feel left out!!
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