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  1. I think so ka je... : ) miss party and miss you too.. : )

  2. Hey girls night out is calling you! x

  3. hey dont say like that. I never see anybody looks bad with braces. It's good for your teeth and face shap. Just be patient. Any plans on Dec 25? My friends and I will go out taking some X mas lights pics. Join us if you want :)

  4. ่je.. i got my braces for 2 months ,, totally ugly...=_=""เดี๋ยวเค้าส่งรูปให้เจ้ดูทีหลังนะ ห้ามล้อด้วยนะเจอกันคราวหน้าน่ะ =_=

  5. in BKK soon? Let's go lady night ;)

  6. Hello teerak and teerak :D

  7. nice pic, where can I click *like*? :P

  8. hi im bored of facebook and american people, they complain too much about everything just trying to reach beyond the united states and find some new friends. Thought it would be something fun to do!

  9. Happy birthday young man.

  10. Hi my name is Steve and i live in Ratchada Scotland. I will fly Bkk 31st November, send me you're details and i will contact you when be me in Bangkok. I have a SMALL surprise for you!

    [email protected]

  11. hello)) My name is lada and i am 40. I am from Germany and 20.2.2011 fly to in BKK. If you want to speak with me write me. Skype: shiori1119 e-mail: [email protected]

  12. Je. this year ..sexy wolf or naughty vampire ? ^0^

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