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  1. Hi Ron, haven't been in touch for a while. I tend to spend more time on FB than TF these days and also I'm still not properly used to the new look TF Why am I reminded of an expression involving deck chairs and the Titanic?? hahaha

    I see from the news that Queensland has taken a bit of a pasting recently, so I'll be pleased to hear that you haven't suffered too much with the flooding and the more recent cyclone. As for the latter, BBC news speciifically mentioned Cairns as being right in the thick of it.

    Aussie cricket hasn't exactly been on top form either. OK, I know they won the ODI series but we had to let you guys salvage some pride and by the middle of this year most people will only remember the Ashes and the innings and plenty defeats in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. But Britain's sporting pride did take a hefty knock with Andy Murray losing the Aussie Open final in Melbourne!

    Let me know how things have been. All the best for now


  2. I went to my doctor because of abdominal pain and he was concerned enough to send me by ambulance straight to hospital,where I spent a week on a drip {no food!} being prodded and poked and asked "does that hurt?",suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that I was given{very uncomfortable},had every test and scan availible, lost 8 kilos in the process and left a week later looking and feeling like a ghost without knowing what was wrong with me. I went to my naturopath who was not my first choice for treatment because of the pain I was in, after leaving hospital and after answering 3 questions he gave me his opinion and some "alternative medicine" - read wild honey and apple cider vinegar and a digestive supplement and I was back at work a couple of days later albeit a bit weak.An internal exam at a later date confirmed there was nothing wrong with me, in fact I was quite healthy.I do respect doctors,I still visit them if I feel it necessary but still have more faith in my naturopath and his experience gathered over 30 or so years of helping people.
  3. I first heard of this country music related suicide about 3 years ago and nothing since.Has it got worse? The report then said the same thing; The more popular country music is in any given town/city the higher the suicide rate.
  4. Hope it's a joke,flying to Bangkok on 4/4 :shock:
  5. the message being NEVER to allow Genesis members to form other bands... Point taken..........and totally agreed with, but still like the song
  6. Mike and The Mechanics - The Living Years - a message for all generations
  7. Ronacoll

    Some TEST...

  8. Ronacoll

    angry Aussie

    I am Australian and totally embarassed, some people shouldn't drink alcohol and he is one of them.
  9. Nothing yet, In fact I'm coming to Thailand for a holiday and will worry about it when I get back.
  10. Ronacoll

    Victoria's Killer Fires

    Everything else pales in comparison to what is happening down there.Hope you,your family and friendsare all ok.
  11. I helped fight bushfires in NSW back in the 80's and that was scary, but nothing like this. Words escape me.
  12. Robert Mugabe -just to see him on the receiving end for a change,although in a stock ina public place with no cronies around would be even better
  13. PeterH,No afraid not, Icome from Irish/Scottish stock who arrived here well into the 20th century. Sorry to dissapoint you, though I do find our short history interesting.
  14. Hmmm,All those Aust coaches you've poached over the years have worked wonders haven't they, but I think you have as many problems with your cricketers as we do so it should be interesting.
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