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  1. Yo yO !! I use number 083 - 834 - 3210 :D If u come here, u contact me na *_^ take careeeeee (K)

  2. Yo yO !! Thank you! I didn't forget yours, either. I sent an SMS to all 3 of your phone numbers on September 30...but I guess you have another new phone now! :P See you sometime in January! :D

  3. Yo yO !! HBD big boss (G) I dont know how to serch ur profile coz TF has a new style .. len mai pen T__T Btw, I wish u happy happy, good health and more rich *0* take care .. with love <3 by funnygirl :D

  4. Why ??

    Yo yO !! Funnygirl is BACK! Let's stir up some trouble!
  5. your holding it wrong.... seriously???????

    Nothing is foolproof in the hands of a ******* fool . . . not even a computer keyboard.
  6. Blackberry <3

    My, how times have changed. Not that long ago, all it took was a lollipop--or reasonable facsimile--to keep 'em happy...
  7. Manhattanites typically do not smile at strangers, nor do they even make more than fleeting eye contact. A smile or a prolonged look from a woman is usually interpreted as flirting. Always be wary of strangers who are friendly. A gentleman might occasionally strike up a conversation in a safe place such as a museum or bookstore; but rarely on the street.
  8. Exploring's journal . . .

    soda: First one appeared to be someone looking to get a free handout to buy his next bottle of cheap liquor. The second one was a fairly accomplished pianist who apparently lived somewhere on 8th Avenue.
  9. Exploring's journal . . .

    Exploring: I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way when I lived there, and even now when I go back to visit there. It is the most vibrant, exciting place on earth!
  10. Exploring's journal . . .

    Ciaran: Thanks! VityaOmariWest: Glad you like 'em! newyorkd: I wish I could be there! There used to be a Ray Bari Pizza parlor across from P.J. Clarke on 3rd Avenue, and I down many slices there--although nothing beat the flagship Ray Bari at 75th St. That one is still there, but now sold out and makes fast food-style pizza. BuabaaBambie: natural: I'm not clever enough to think of something like that! garlic: Thanks! need_friends: It is indeed a wonderful place! Poul: Haha! Yes, probably even has an alarm clock in his pocket! Danno: There are hundreds of "characters" around there, most of them--unfortunately--far more sad than humorous. Exploring: Being inexperienced can also be fun! Sure, you'll learn a few things the hard way; but you'll discover *many* more good things--like your favorite movie scene. One of mine is also in CP: the Wollman ice skating rink in Central Park (in "Serendipity").
  11. Exploring's journal . . .

    . . . led me on a brief trip down memory lane today. As my friends here know, Manhattan was my home for about ten years, way back in the previous century. First, Central Park's Sheep Meadow, shot on a chilly weekday during a visit a few years ago, where I sometimes spent Sunday afternoons. It can get crowded on weekends during warm weather. One of the many "characters" that Exploring will undoubtedly encounter during her time in the Big Apple. This one was at the Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park. Another "character," this one from around 1990. On weekends he used to tow his piano into the park and play for donations. And finally, one from the "things that ain't there no more" department. I shot this sometime in the late 1980's while I was stinking drunk on a rocking boat in the middle of the Hudson River. This photo and the one above are scans from slides, which is why they have some "artifacts" on them. Thanks, Exploring, for the humorous reminder of how colorful New York can be. I hope you enjoy living there as much as I did!
  12. Hahaha! That's New York! It's good to keep a firm grip on your purse or backpack, stay out of the park after dark, and don't go north of the reservoir alone. The Sheep Meadow and the boat pond (near E. 72nd St. entrance) are the two best areas to hang out. The entrances near Columbus Circle and Grand Army Plaza aren't great because of the mix of tourists, hustlers, and weird people. Lucky you, to be there in spring! I lived in Manhattan for ten years, and I still miss the city sometimes.
  13. My previous JN.

    Thai orphanages are full in part because of people for whom everything was funny--until the baby appeared. A woman who thinks that a farang is a multipurpose tool designed to be scammed into making her dreams come true--rather than a partner whose wishes are as important to her as her own--is most likely destined to end up disappointed--and alone. Having been the intended target of a similar scam, I hope that any woman who tries it ends up barren.
  14. Chilliing out at the beach.... look wot i found

    One more for your "laundry" . . .
  15. rob his $$$

    à ´×ùÅà 15,000 ºÒ·? (0.o) ¤Ô´ÇèÒÊÒÃÒö«×éÃä´éá¿¹á¾§à ¡Ô¹ä» µéçãËéÅ´ÃÒ¤Ò¤ÃѺ ÃԩùÑ鹼õéçãªéà ÇÅÒ¤¹à ´ÕÂÇ...