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  1. Hey .. Thanks for sending me message ...

    what are you up to ?

    am Nut

    Nice to meet you ^^

  2. Hi,

    So here goes, an email without any SMS or MSN links or addresses. Oce just to say 'Hi, I am new to TF, never really used it much. I would like to develop a set of new contacts with the hope to become friends later. Nothing more attached to this message that that.

    I am a photographer, intently involved in my work and having some online friends to say hello to would be nice, if not a problem for you?

    Please say hello back if you are cool with sharing messages somethings,

    Thanks you kindly,


  3. Even though this may sound like an expat moan please realize I know all countries have there annoyances. Mine in Thailand is a small one but it bugs me: Escalators, why isn't there a sign saying stand on the right if not walking up or down. I am often in a rush and having to either ask for a path or wait as the things trundles along can be frustrating. Taxi drivers and their need to overly use the throttle and break, drive too fast and get offended if you ask for them to slow down has to be another moan. Please forgive the moan as I like Thailand and feel extremely privileged to be able to li
  4. I am looking to buy a yearly golf club membership hopefully not too far out of Bangkok. I don't want a life membership but maybe I could leases a year of someone who has one. Bangkok Golf Course has a great deal on yearly memberships but I live in Klong San and find it a little to far to travel. My local course is Ekhachai Golf Club but they have only year offers. Any ideas please?
  5. Apart from the great quotes: 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?'
  6. Is that similar to a 'nice cup of tea'? Strong, determined, self confident and when in a hetro relationship bring out the best in us, the weaker sex, by example. Man I have just described my mother, that is worrying. Nice doesn't really come into it though, save that for the movies.
  7. Seems apt at the moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIlykCOOBuk
  8. Racism isn't anything to do with being Thai or European or from anywhere else, unfortunately prejudice is an inherent condition we all share as humans but accepting that we should all be anti racist not just non racist. Rise above it and sit the front of the bus, but maybe without the shoe throwing. Easy to say but I understand your angst. I make a distinction between prejudice and Racism by the way but that is another subject.
  9. I was wondering why golf courses charge more to westerners than Thais? They are not National Heritage sites, or religious temples, or set up to serve a under paid populace, on the contrary in fact.
  10. What for the rain to Ice over, then hit Facebook.
  11. Resonance and Depth, a real soul mate or Shallow Beauty within an insubstantial relationship, what do we really long for? There should not be such a polarizing choice but it often seems that stark. Yes.. I know this is another crass topic; but hey, they always go down well so please be kind I am delicate you know.
  12. PSA

    Indoor Golf

    So I went along to that Wilding Golf Centre Asoke just for a look ended up joining. Other members are all rather seriously into their swings, I knock a few beers back and play a course in air-condition luxury. Must say it is fun but I have no one to play a round with, anyone else joined up and wants a game for a beer?
  13. PSA

    So f*cked up!

    Xanax sleep and wait for tomorrow. 'But yesterday is just a memory tomorrow is never what it is supposed to be.'
  14. Is wishing for a fairer society such a bad thing? Or should naked greed be encouraged. Yes, humans are hunters at heart but also gatherers. Embarrassed to admit you are a socialist, hey the new socialism is now environmentalism. Capitalism unchecked is unsustainable, not that the workers are going to seize control of production but the planet is just going to shrug off to oblivion.
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