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  1. hi Nico Nice to see you at the party last month too.. :P

  2. was nice to see you last night.

    I hope you had fun.

  3. Thank you ja!! :D hehe not easy to use TF new version :P

  4. Happy Birthday, Offy!!

  5. Thank you for sharing...speculate about the bodies..
  6. Õu can change to go by motorbike or taxi na..no need to waiting the train for many hrs.
  7. wow! look very cool party!! i miss it!! hehe
  8. Happy Birthday to Bill and Rob again!! Thank you for invited to join u guys Bday party jaa ;-) I had fun there!! hehe
  9. Nice pic and funny vdo!! I like them!! hehe
  10. I love you pics!
  11. Almost girls like that..and me tooo LOL!
  12. LOL funny and cute
  13. so sweet baby!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congratulations!!! very nice name of her!!!
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