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  1. hey, know there is another thread which is abit more political about the things going on in BKK right now. Im considering dropping by for the weekend is there any sit reports on how its working from and to the airport ? reading media they tell people to stay away from BKK, but all ive spoken to today says "dont worry, its under control and far away from airport". I dont plan to go sightseeing around government places and stuff.
  2. Its impossible to target weightloss really, its a myth that you can do specific excercises to loose fat on some areas and not others. But as said, go on a diet and do alot of cardio workout thats the best way of getting rid of fat, if you loose alot you will end up loosing on your breasts too, but that really doesnt matter, dont worry about that. If you can the best way of doing a diet is to keep track on the calories you eat, example go for 2000 kcal per day, and then over a period keep track on how much you gain/loose every week, the exact number of calories you burn is dependant on genes and how active you are, so it can really be different from person to person. But as soon as you know your energylevel, the number of calories you need to not gain fat/not loose weight, then you have a very important number that makes life so much easier to work with when dieting. But the easy way, start with 2000 kcal every day, not more not less, and then check your weight ever 7 days, and see the result, if you gain, then deduct 200 calories and do 7 days again, when you have found a good level, then make a diet that hits this number, and then spread out the calories on as many little meals as possible across the day, that way it makes it much more easy to be on a cutting diet as it prevents hunger and cravings. But if you dont want to do it that serious, then just add alot of cardio into your life, that will burn fat for sure.
  3. i think i will buy one, i need an ereader desperately and i think this would be a good one to go for.
  4. What a wierd video ??! so wierd its attractive.
  5. Fail to understand the people who are commenting on youtube stating its like the worst thing in the world, that the day is ruined, that its the end of the world. If you cant laugh at that, even as a bride, then something is seriously wrong
  6. Have you ever falled in love with someone without being sexual attracted by the person ?
  7. Agree with JHoney, if you have the possibility then take some time off after your studies, and go travel and get some new inputs. Its never easy to predict the future, let alone chose something as big as the way ahead. Think most of us have it like that from time to time nomatter where in our lifes we are. Some time off to think and get new impressions thats always a good advice after a long study. And remember its your life, maybe alot of people have big expections to you and think they know where you should go, but in the end its about you and thats whats important.
  8. LasseDK

    New TF

    fontcolor is a big problem, logo comments i think are right, other than that i think its alright & refreshing ? will the forums also get a brushover?
  9. LasseDK

    pretty busy week

    soon its weekend then plan a good rest by the way, you say the chicken essense, thankyou very much, got that served by a very nice employee at the hotel i was at in phuket because i wasnt feeling very good. Its nothing compared how i felt after i downed that chicken thing, pheeew insta throwup. but they say it works ?
  10. Flowerchild: not regarding the stomping, i find it disgusting.
  11. LakeGeneve: the "US vs Russia" you shouldnt put too much into, it was just meant as a teaser-headline to get you clicking, the two situations are very different. Fear can easily be a motive for doing nothing for those guards, heck, for some people it wouldnt even take any supports to inflict fear that prevented them from acting out. I know you dont support their actions, but i have to say that i cannot take the excuse seriously when it comes to the girl being stomped upon and kicked in the head like that when she is obviously unconscious, then in my book it goes from being violence which is bad enough to life and death situation, or at least possible for some serious injuries. Yes its a chance that you might end up as a victim, but to just stand there and watch a person being massacred like that its beyong my horizon, maybe you save your a** by doing nothing, but man you will have to face your conscience for the rest of the life if that person end up dead or braindamaged for life. Imagine everyone acted out when they saw stuff like this, then a pack of X supports would be no challenge, know its not how things work, but a little change in attitude maybe could be a nice change. In that sitaution i dont buy fear even though its probably what happened, fear i could understand if we were talking about weapons in use, then its suddenly a huge dilemma that youre facing.
  12. I think yes the justice system has part of the guilt for this happening, not only in the US but also across europe, here its about to be standard that people look the other way, and i really really hate this trend. Problem here though is not lawsuits, but the chance of getting convicted is fairly large if you get out on top, so it can actually be a pretty high price you have to pay to help other people. Also ofcourse fear as when violence occur its brutal, just like the stomping, its not 'good old days' anymore so if you decide to go in, you more or less have to be prepared for guns blazing. Ive had a few encounters with unmotivated assaults and have to date always stepped in regardless, one of them which turned into a huge fight with a guy who kneed a girl in the stomach and after that tried to pull her into a toilet, it went to court where i was convicted, they totally ignored the situation and where it might have led to. Anyways never regretted it and dont regret it to this day, im able to look myself in the mirror when i wake up, which i would have a really tough time doing if i had experienced something and just let it happen without doing anything. I cannot imagine the american guards going home that night, and then feel very happy about themselves, and doubt they are not wishing every day that they actually HAD done something, because it is so little that has to be done to prevent it, especially when considering in this case, its teenagers and girls and no weapons involved. Would be nice if we could somehow make a legal system that didnt prevent the people who can/do act, and could be nice if people would try to put themselves into the victim's situation and the let all doubt of this and that a side, for msot cases very little has to be done to prevent things from escalating. But in some cases when you say A you have to be prepared for B, and unless you want to be a victim yourself you will be in a situation where you will possible have to break the law to prevent being a victim.
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