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  1. Add vietnam to the bushy-style. I really really dislike bush, its a complete turnoff, nothing at all or a thin stribe then we are talking.
  2. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/34457/udd-threatens-to-lay-siege-to-barracks
  3. Well i didnt think specifically thai here, just in general if a friend is in trouble and for most i consider ex'es to be friends. but ofcourse it depends on how much contact you are having with this person. But if its not an amount that affects my life, then i would probably do it, and assume i would get it back as promised and if i didnt i would put it into my karma-container.
  4. I voted yes, but think EB has a valid point though and might reconsider.
  5. It wont be Nana this time :roll: ...........unless its very very safe ofcourse.
  6. Immediately after you leave on Sunday everything will burn. Just make sure the pilot makes a quick takeoff so that the tail of the plane doesn't get scorched by the burning carnage. My 2 satangs worth anyway. Then i leave monday instead, best thing that could happen would be to be trapped in thailand. But dont the police have it pretty much under control this time you think ? my impression is that an airport siege is NOT possible today as it was a few years ago, is that naive ?
  7. Immediately after you leave on Sunday everything will burn. Just make sure the pilot makes a quick takeoff so that the tail of the plane doesn't get scorched by the burning carnage. But get a seat at the back and use your camera phone to make a movie of the flames shooting up. Actually there is very likely to be major troubles... grenade attacks already launched today. Wednesday - Red Shirts are probably going to Abhisit's house (Suk 31)... The Government won't back down, and the longer they stay in power the more desperate the UDD will become. There will be blood... Thanks alot bob! that made
  8. ok thanks beej. and we dont think its going to explode ?
  9. hey, know there is another thread which is abit more political about the things going on in BKK right now. Im considering dropping by for the weekend is there any sit reports on how its working from and to the airport ? reading media they tell people to stay away from BKK, but all ive spoken to today says "dont worry, its under control and far away from airport". I dont plan to go sightseeing around government places and stuff.
  10. Im facing similar problems as PM not in thailand but vn, and this is actually what ive concluded to be the best way of dealing with it, hire a middleman that will be responsible of people meeting on time (among other things). Instead of spending tonnes of times on alot of people i have to deal with one person and he will be placed in a hot seat with consequences if demands are not met. It also easier as ive been able to to handpick this guy, instead of handpicking 15 new people.
  11. Its impossible to target weightloss really, its a myth that you can do specific excercises to loose fat on some areas and not others. But as said, go on a diet and do alot of cardio workout thats the best way of getting rid of fat, if you loose alot you will end up loosing on your breasts too, but that really doesnt matter, dont worry about that. If you can the best way of doing a diet is to keep track on the calories you eat, example go for 2000 kcal per day, and then over a period keep track on how much you gain/loose every week, the exact number of calories you burn is dependant on genes an
  12. i think i will buy one, i need an ereader desperately and i think this would be a good one to go for.
  13. What a wierd video ??! so wierd its attractive.
  14. Fail to understand the people who are commenting on youtube stating its like the worst thing in the world, that the day is ruined, that its the end of the world. If you cant laugh at that, even as a bride, then something is seriously wrong
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