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  1. It is an interesting topic and I have a group of Thai male friends that I have socialised with outside of TF, work associate, or other social circles. I originally met them in a restaurant with their families where I used to frequent near my first condo in Bangkok. They invited me to join them after a while and the usual thing was that the families all went home and the men stayed on to drink. They told me about the places they went to together, to have sex with young women and that this was a regular thing and none of their families knew about it. They told me that most Thai men went to
  2. I was just thinking about Peder just now. I notice his FB page is closed. One of five friends I have lost recently who all died before their time. Miss you mate!
  3. OH OH, thanks for all the love, ppl!! I haven't logged in for a long time. Maybe why I am still SINGLE! pandorea, you have to be EXTRA COOL to get green, I think...

  4. I like Chuvit too, because he makes me giggle apprehensively when I hear the word 'corruption' in connection with his name.
  5. If I was married? Maybe I would leave the wife home safely with the kids and bravely take some dreadful risks alone.
  6. Gee Bill, how can you ask this question? I did a survey and I found out that 100% of the people in the world only had ONE first date!!!!
  7. I am not voting. Vietnam should be on this list! Thailand doesn't even rate. Ummm... If you are really keen to find out what people think, you could redo the poll by making a thread asking for people to name their 3 worst countries first, to get a listing. The list is too European for many of us to even make a judgement, but it would be interesting if you could rework it.
  8. It's actually quite an interesting topic, and the suggestion that they die off from diseases from high risk intercourse is pretty sad, but I don't buy it, although it may apply to many. Why? Because a huge amount of ladyboys in this country work in various more reputable professions and are not the same kind of people as the slags you see on the corner of Soi Nana, etc. I asked someone this question once, and was told that once they age too much, they usually quietly adopt a male appearance again. However, when I was in Koh Chang, I went out with a bunch of local friends I made there, and
  9. I still have my wallet, but I need money. Are there any rich girls out there who can take care? Hey, I am rather impressed by the story. I don't meet a lot of girls like that! NOT really making my post any better am I? ... Hmmmm... Hi! Nice you meet you.
  10. Hello

    I am thai lady. I would like to know you. you can cantact me at suchirapu.............

  11. Hi again in TF site ...Khunkru Mark:)

  12. Went to the Mango and it was bigger that William's penis (which I had no idea was on the Internet). I feel sorry for the guy actually - he seems like a decent guy and not his fault he is born rich and in the public eye - it is an invasion of privacy. Well, the Mango was short on girls, so see my blog...
  13. I would also try and attract a few other friends outside of TF (including some farang girls) to join too. There are plenty of people in Bangkok whose social circles don't extend much outside the people they work with.
  14. I can understand that, because they probably couldn't get up the Soi without some stupid farang asking how much, or grabbing their butts... So I was thinking about starting at Soi 22 or even 33 and working back and staying together as a group to protect the girls. A few husky lads like us should keep the vultures away. I really miss all my 'old' girl friends though, so I hope they make some suggestions about how we can do this.
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