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  1. Who the f*ck is this guy? One of Kanomkrok bfs I guess.Or someone who likes to kick the anthill There sure is a point in all this though, people being greedy... and exagerating a lil too much at times about what they got or what they need. In the end like it was said the first thing seen is your appearance and that's why you'd better stay in a good shape, for everyday's credibility in love, work and many others ;P Then comes your behavior, and more and more..
  2. It's just that they can't measure i guess
  3. Tell if i'm wrong but i think nowadays for a thai girl (the naughty type probably But even some "nice" gals) if you're farang you must have at least like a 8 incher... else they'd call you small lol What's the average size of "farang" they meet huh ? It's supposed to be like 6" average. lol
  4. red card for Kaka... another case where video would have been useful !!! What the hell are they waiting for ? :twisted:
  5. yeaaah i won money, thank you England
  6. yeah, dificult to do worse Well Blanc seems to be a good coach, as what he did with Bordeaux... Karma ? give me a break you guys hang a sock on the fireplace for christmas and hope the red guy will really come right ? Et Greg, tu es gentil,mais si tu veut faire de l humour essaye de ne pas le faire avec une chose comme le Karma qui est quelque chose de tres respecter ici et qui fait partis de de la vie des Thai au quotidien.Tu n y croit , tres bien, mais pas la peine de faire preuve d un total manque de respect et de le comparer au pere noel. De plus , je ne pense pas que venir chercher la petite bete avec les brits sur un forum en Anglais soit une bonne idee. A moins que pour toi foutre la merde soit une bonne idee. Enfin bon ,Francais et bonne idees ne font pas bon menages en ce moment. oui mais ca s'applique aux thais dans ce cas la. tu ne dis pas a un chretien "attention ou Allah te puniras" Yeah but then it applies for thais, you don't tell a christian "beare or Allah will punish you" that's why i say give me a break, there's no karma here, only realities French team was bad, we knew it before the tounrey already, y punto. (and for the irish, they were even worse for not being able to beat France anyway, and wouldnt have done much at the cup so stop crying yeah ;P )
  7. yeah, dificult to do worse Well Blanc seems to be a good coach, as what he did with Bordeaux... Karma ? give me a break you guys hang a sock on the fireplace for christmas and hope the red guy will really come right ?
  8. well seeing as the french f**king cheated to knock us out what can u expect !! :evil: :evil: and ur manager is a f**king bin lid !! :roll: :roll: get over it, you're beated on the whole free kick. Henry was on the ball coz your defence was slow, the ball arrived on his hand ? ;P Then he made a good pass and Gallas scored a header. You strangely forget about the goal irish scored thanks to a hand in those same qualifiers, no big noise about that one, there r many hands in football it happens. Messi even scored directly with the hand, like Maradona lol Just like there is many offside goals such as the one yesterday by mexicans which is hard to tell, but damn french defensers are stupid for not even trying to run after him ? who knows he kicks in the post then they can get it or so And yeah Domenech is a total lamer and thanks god he will finally be out, he shall already be out since Euro 2008 i don't even understand why they kept him :twisted: :twisted: Like his contract is until 2010 blablabla, as if they can't kick him in between lol total lame yeah Hopefully Laurent Blanc will build a better team, and a more collective play !! there's a lot of work to do on that french team ^^ it's totally crappy since like 3 years
  9. ah yeah i forgot it's so full of brits and other kind of french haters in here well have fun
  10. For f*ck sake they can't even score or maybe if it was rugby we win it 21-2 Merde :/ And yeah it seems offside but they count too much on referees, they shall run after the guy just in case i don't know :? Well we're out already... thanks for participating. holy sh*t... shame ! Actually there is like 1 chance out of... 10 ? that we go through. but for that we'd have to score many goals and i don't think we know how to do that. and hope one of the latino team beat the other (not draw) It's the latinos who will go through, y basta At least now when i'll be abroad and play a football game people won't expect me to be too good... i can just say hey sorry but i'm french i can't play with my feet
  11. Tomorrow's biathlon Relay, bet on the french for men
  12. Winter sports is boring... :roll: Guess you never practiced
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